Top Selling Fandom Candles for 2019!

Every year at the start of the new year, I list the previous year’s top ten best-selling candles. Usually, I can predict a few fan favorites—Black Dagger Brotherhood candles, of course, always being extremely popular— but this year, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few new candidates. I greatly enjoy uncovering the top ten candles each year and I am sure many of my customers love this annual tradition as well. It is always a privilege to share my candles with you and find out which of them are your all-time favorites. Without further ado, here are 2019’s Top Ten Candles:

10. Murhder:A brand new candle this year, this fragrance took the store by storm with its popularity. I love when a new candle makes the Top 10— it shows me that fans are excited about my candles, as am I!

9. Rehvenge: Another fragrance that's new to our Top 10 this year! This fragrance is one of my personal favorites— with its gorgeous color, but also its amazing scent. Welcome, Rehvenge, to the Top 10!

8. Claire: Dropping down two spots from 2018 is Claire. This candle is definitely a customer favorite with its lovely blend of herbal and floral nuances. Perfect in just about every room in your house, Claire is a candle that deserves to stay on this list!

7. Wrath: The King moves up three spots this year! He's been a regular on this Top 10 list for the past couple of years and Black Dagger Brotherhood fans can’t get enough! His fragrance is powerful and majestic just like our book boyfriend Wrath!

6.Through the Stones: Here is another fragrance that has been a top seller since our store opened in 2013. Through the Stones is a gorgeous scent inspired by the Heather of the Highlands. It is especially popular at Outlander conventions and with online customers!

5. Mine: Another newbie to the Top 10 list, Mine is inspired by the bonding scent in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This scent is strong and will possess a room…it's not for the faint of heart!

4. Zsadist: Dropping down two spots from 2018, Zsadist still commands the hearts of many Black Dagger Brotherhood fans. Who wouldn't love this warrior with the voice of an angel and the heart of a lion? Its blend of pepper, evergreen, and musk will keep you longing for Zsadist all year!

3. Rhage: Flying up the Top 10 list from #9 to #3 is Rhage! My favorite Brother has had a strong showing this year— more and more fans have grown to love this comforting fragrance.

2. Vishous: Another Brother who has forced his way up the charts, Vishous comes in at #2 (up from #5 in 2018)! Leather, pepper, smoke, amber and musk...V's scent is a fan favorite. Don’t believe me? Check V’s candle out for yourself and join the many fans who have come to love this candle!

1. Jamie: Holding this spot at #1 for the 6th year in a row is the one and only…JAMMF! This scent is popular with women and men alike, and keeps us all connected to one of the most interesting men in the book world!

Thank you all for following along as I shared Book Scent’s Top 10 best-selling candles of 2019! I am excited to begin this new year and create many more unique scents that may make the cut next year. Who knows… maybe Jamie will have some competition next year for slot #1!