Book Scents Fragrances

Here is a full list of our current fragrances, listed by collection. The Storyteller's and Holiday scents are seasonal and won't be available year round.


  • Brianna: green aloe, jasmine and soft woods
  • Claire: heather, jasmine, soft woods
  • Echoes from Scotland: oakmoss, sandalwood, sage and leather
  • Jamie: Musk, Fraser Fir and Woodsmoke
  • Roger: tobacco, whisky, cedar wood and musk
  • Through the Stones: Highland Heather, green grass, cool air

Black Dagger Brotherhood

  • Blaylock: cool air, fresh citrus, and dark musk
  • Butch: sweet sandalwood, musk, pepper, and smoke
  • Lassiter: tropical sunshine, warm amber, lush forest, and a floral bouquet
  • Phury: ivy, amber, citrus, jasmine and warm sandalwood
  • Quinn: gunpowder, patchouli and musk
  • Rehvenge: amber, musk, patchouli, cool ozone and sandalwood
  • Rhage: citrus, green bamboo, patchouli and musk
  • Tohrment: juniper, sandalwood, clover and dark oud wood
  • Vishous: leather, smoke, musk, amber and pepper
  • Zsadist: evergreen, Madagascar pepper and musk

Harry Potter/Wizarding 

  • Butter Brew: butterscotch and vanilla creme
  • Evening at the Burrow: baked bread, harvest ale and a cozy fire

Storytellers Collection:

  • Beach Read: coconut, tonka bean and sandalwood
  • Book Boyfriend: leather, sandalwood and citrus
  • Cozy Reading Nook: Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg
  • Great Adventure: pine, cedar and sandalwood
  • Holiday Romance: pink champagne, jasmine and sweet vanilla
  • Love Triangle: lime, grapefruit, pine
  • Page Turner: coffee, sugar, cream
  • Plot Twist: Lemon, lime, Fizzy ozone
  • Stormy Nights: dark cherry, red wine, oak
  • Strong Female: peach, clementine, sweet berries
  • Summer Love: strawberries, vanilla, graham crackers
  • Winter Tale: citrus, cut flowers, winter woods


Holiday Scents

  • Christmas Gift: spiced tea, cinnamon and candy
  • Cocoa Kiss: hot cocoa, vanilla, dark chocolate fudget
  • Cranberry Garland: cranberry, birch, sweet vanilla
  • Hot Toddy: maple syrup, vanilla, whiskey
  • North Pole: crisp air, spearmint, snowy pine
  • Whoville: Peppermint, Vanilla, Cupcakes