Outlander Candles

Outlander Candles

Outlandish - something strikingly out of the ordinary.

A love story that exists outside of the constraints of time. An adventure that takes you from the Scottish Highlands, to the French court, to the hills of North Carolina. And fans that have been dedicated to a series for over 20 years. It's all strikingly out of the ordinary and that's what makes it's amazing.

These scented candles are the perfect accompaniment to your binge reading or watching. We may not be able to transport ourselves into his arms, but these candles will take you on a trip into the pages of your favorite Outlandish book!

Quick View Brianna

Brianna Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
This scented candle is full of hope! Fill your home with the scents of Spring with this amazing fragrance. Leave the scents of winter behind with this gorgeously scented candle. Inspired by the hope and optimism of youth, this beautiful blend of jasmine...
Quick View Claire

Claire Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
Oh Sassenach! You'll find yourself wanting to burn this fresh light candle every day! Claire meets Jamie Fraser after an unexpected time travel journey. Her life is never the same! But in spite of everything she faces, she never loses her love of herbs...
5 (8)
Quick View Echoes from Scotland, Outlander

Echoes From Scotland Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
Enjoy the fresh, clean scent of the Scottish air! This scented candle is a fan favorite! This fragrance is inspired by letters left in the past to be found in the future. The scents of sage and moss represent the magic and age of the paper, while the...
5 (5)
Quick View Jamie Fraser

Jamie Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
Who doesn't need a little extra Jamie in their life? If you’re an Outlander Fan you know the answer already – everyone needs more JAMMF in their life! But how do you do that when Jamie lives in the pages of a book or on your TV screen? With...
5 (24)
Quick View Roger

Roger Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
Roger's whisky scented candle will whisk you away to evenings spent having a drink and researching Scotland's history.  If you love a whisky smell, combined with tobacco, musk and cedarwood, you'll love Roger's scented candle. It fills a room and...
5 (1)
Quick View Through the Stones Outlander

Through the Stones Scented Candle

$18.00 - $27.00
  Sing me a song of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass be I? And so begins the story of a lass named Claire who falls through the stones and into a life altering adventure. This fragrance represents the Highlands of Scotland through the...
5 (2)
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