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Oh Sassenach! You'll find yourself wanting to burn this fresh light candle every day!

Claire meets Jamie Fraser after an unexpected time travel journey. Her life is never the same! But in spite of everything she faces, she never loses her love of herbs and flowers. From remedies to pure joy, Claire is at one with the nature she finds around her. 

This herbal scent was chosen for Claire because of her love for plants and gardening and has light notes of heather, jasmine and citrus.


Claire is an Outlandish Collection best seller!

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Claire scented candle
Written by Beverly Sheaffer on Oct 17th 2023

My favorite Outlander inspired scent. Maybe too “flowery” for some but not me. Fills the house with the most delightful fragrance.

Clair Candle
Written by Cynthia Sease on Dec 12th 2020

Oh, my. Yes, this is a wonderfully scented candle. Such a clean, fresh scent. I can't say I have ever tried to imagine how the character Claire would actually smell, but I am an Outlander fan and find this to be an excellent addition to my Outlander collection. And even more importantly, I found your customer service to be excellent... very professional, yet extremely personal. You should be very proud of your small business! Thank you.

Beautiful scent
Written by Mona on Oct 3rd 2020

I bought the was melts in several. Claire smells exactly like you would expect her to. Beautiful.

Beautiful scent
Written by Mona on Sep 28th 2020

Smells just like you imagine Claire would smell. Just beautiful.

Written by Donna on Jul 13th 2020

Clean, refreshing, not "perfumey".

Love it!
Written by Clair on Aug 25th 2018

I bought this at the NJ convention and bought a Jamie candle for my sister. I've been burning this for the past three or four days and I absolutely love! Its very relaxing and it smells fantastic!!

Perfect Clair
Written by Heather Kraemer on Aug 24th 2018

My husband bought me Clair for a Christmas gift. I was a wee bit worried that it might be too much flower not enough whiskey. I was wrong. It was absolutely PERFECT. The smell is so delicate, and fresh. I've been burning it here and there for months and the fragrance is still as good as day one!

Claire review
Written by Deb McCahan on Aug 24th 2018

I have been an Outlander fan for a long time and have read the books at least 10 times before the tv series came out. When I smelled this candle, knowing it was Claire, I cried! It was so spot on I was blown away. It is fresh and clean, yet smells like the garden. Just what you would expect her to smell like. Great job and awesome everyday scent, for any room.