Jamie Scented Candle

Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping Available
Scent: An inviting scent composed of musk, pine and wood smoke
Color Rust/Auburn

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Who doesn't need a little extra Jamie in their life?

If you’re an Outlander Fan you know the answer already – everyone needs more JAMMF in their life!

But how do you do that when Jamie lives in the pages of a book or on your TV screen? With our Jamie-scented candle!

This smoky, musky fragrance will fill a room just like our beloved kilted stud. And with about 70 hours of burn time, you’ll definitely find yourself daydreaming about what’s under that kilt!

Worried you’ll make your husband, boyfriend or main squeeze jealous? Not to worry! 7 out of 10 husbands* (including mine!) love the masculine scent just as much as the ladies who purchased it. Even the guys who don’t like scented candles like it!

Now’s the time to get your Jamie-fragranced candle or tart, ya ken? Jamie has been a Book Scents best seller since 2013 – which means this is more than just an Outlander trinket that collects dust on your bookshelf! This exclusive fragrance is the embodiment of Jamie and will help you get through your toughest Droughtlander days!


*Those other three husbands are still trying to figure out what Sassenach means. Hmmph!




An inviting scent composed of musk, pine and wood smoke

Product Reviews

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JAMMF Bookscent
Written by Heather on Jun 27th 2019

I recently bought the Jamie scented candle and I'm in love with it.

Visions of a Scottish lord
Written by Lisa on Apr 8th 2019

I recently discovered the Outlander show (I know I'm late but to be fair, I don't have Starz). Jamie is one of my favorite characters and this candle just conjures a vision of him. Definitely going to burn this candle when I get the chance to binge season 4 (if I don't burn through it before then lol).

Jamie candle
Written by Joy on Dec 5th 2018

Bought one for my daughter, but her husband is the one who LOVES it. I do too. Always have to get it for him for birthdays and holidays

Jamie candle
Written by Janet Keeten on Oct 28th 2018

This is by far my favorite candle—ever. It is romantic and relaxing. I was just thinking this morning, can you make this into a cologne for my husband?

Jamie <3
Written by Danielle L on Aug 26th 2018

This has to be one of my favorite candles that I own! It is so warm and smells exactly as you think Jamie would. The throw is really amazing and it burns slow enough that it will last a while! I love lighting it while I'm reading the books or watching the show. Also, I can smell it even when it is not lit.. AMAZING!!!

Written by Amanda Silveus on Aug 25th 2018

I love this candle so much! Id love to find it in a cologne for my hubby ;) Who doesn't need a little extra Jamie in your life?

Written by Deb McCahan on Aug 25th 2018

Wow, did you do a great job with this one! Woodsy, outdoorsy, manly scent. Perfect for Jamie! Complicated yet simple too.

Written by Heather Kraemer on Aug 24th 2018

Jamie is such a unique character and I cannot imagine how hard it is to make a blend of all things JAMMF, ya ken? And then Oye, it actually exists! I bought this candle thinking if anything it will be a great novelty item to sit with all of other Outlander trinkets. However, once it arrived I lit it immediately. The smell even before it was lit was incredible, but after is better - It really is such a unique blend of smokey musk. The candle quality is so fantastic and the smell is absolutely amazing!

Jamie candle
Written by Angie on Aug 24th 2018

I Love this candle. Even my husband that hates smelly candles like the smell of this one. Hope this stay a regular because it smells so good.

Jamie scent
Written by Patricia Berrios on Aug 24th 2018

Purchased this last weekend & love it. I look forward to coming home every day and lighting it to relax.