Vishous Scented Candle

Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping Available
Scent Description A distinctive blend of leather, smoke, musk, amber and pepper
Color White

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Is V your favorite Brother?

I know it's hard to pick between the Brothers. From big-hearted Rhage to the unassuming Zsadist, there are a lot of things to like about each Brother.

However, Vishous is a fan favorite and his scented candle is a best seller you won't forget. Even some serious mhis can't put a damper on this fragrance!

You'll love the blend of leather, smoke, amber, musk and pepper in that bad boy candle! And think about all the fun you can dream up with about 60-70 hours of burn time with Vishous. 

It's enough to make even a naughty girl blush!

Ready to indulge your dark side? Now's the time to add Vishous scented candle to your BDB collection!


Vishous is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance.


**Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing disaster, and V's awesome sales in 2018, we are unable to provide you with Vishous candles for the near future. We are developing a plan and will get this best seller in stock as soon as we can!**

Scent Description:
A distinctive blend of leather, smoke, musk, amber and pepper

Product Reviews

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Vishous smells delicious!!
Written by Stephanie on Jul 23rd 2019

I took the lid off of my tin, closed my eyes and inhaled—I smelled leather and musk and was transported to the Commodore penthouse. I opened my eyes, lit the candle and sat down. Within minutes, the scent of leather and musk filled the room and I closed my eyes again—picturing myself on V’s table, submitting myself to his will....

Vishous Scented Candle
Written by Lisa on Jul 11th 2019

I'm going to have to disagree with the other reviews I've read for the Vishous Scented Candle. I don't think it smells all that much like V. Yes, you can smell the smoke and the leather and that is definitely V! But over all, the candle had a very clean smell to it, and that is not V at all. V is down and dirty and in your face. Now, that being said, I did like the scent. It was very light so it didn't overwhelm the room and it has a very fresh scent. I gave it 4 stars because I liked the scent, I just didn't think it smelled enough like Vishous.

Smells like you'd expect
Written by Lisa on Apr 8th 2019

Got this when it came back in stock and I'm so glad I did. Vishous is my favorite Brother. And there's nothing better than having the scent of one of the Brothers while reading the BDB series, true?

My babe V
Written by Ryan on Apr 8th 2019

THIS! This is my most favorite scent ever. I think I’ve bought close to 10 full size candles, I always have melts and samples on hand and I own the beard oil — I use it in my hair and arms so I can smell V all day long, it’s that’s serious. It’s all the scents that comfort me and make me think of Vishous. I love the scent of leather, but, usually in candles that scent is never strong enough. Not so with this Vishous candle. Leather is upfront and sexy. Add some smoke and pepper... musk and amber and Vishous is in your space. BDB is my most favorite books series and VISHOUS is my Brother. He’s the one I cheer for and love to death. I love this candle and will never stop owning it, that means Nalana can never stop making it!

This is my favorite candle!!
Written by Sarah Zeeb on Aug 24th 2018

She hit the nail on the head with this scent!! It makes you think Vishous is in the room with you. The scent lasts for hours after you the candle out. It's clean, rich, masculine, but kind of sweet. I find it very comforting and peaceful. My husband likes it and he is a sweet, fruity, bakery scent type person.