Wrath Scented Candle

Scent Description A sophisticated blend of peppercorn, leather, patchouli and musk
Color Black

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Mmmmm, Wrath!

The Warrior King, Wrath son of Wrath, does not suffer fools. He’s oh so large and in charge!

Wrath takes command of every page you find him in the Brotherhood books. He’s dark and sexy and so is his scented candle.

This powerful blend of pepper, leather, patchouli and musk will make you say “aaahhh” every time you light it. It will fill a room just like its namesake does.

Never purchased a masculine scented candle before? Not to worry! 100% of the people who purchased Wrath have been women!* And they rave about the sexy clean fragrance that you’ll find in the Wrath scented candle.

It’s time to take your BDB obsession to the next level. Add Wrath to your collection and spend some quality time (over 60 hours!) with your favorite Vampire King!


*Dear Men, this means you have 100% permission to buy this (or any of the Brotherhood) candles for your BDB loving significant others. You’ll both love the scents!


Scent Description:
A sophisticated blend of peppercorn, leather, patchouli and musk

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Wrath Scented Candle
Written by Lisa on Jul 11th 2019

We would have to ask Beth, but I would be willing to bet this is what Wrath's bonding scent smells like. It smells strong and a bit wild, just like Wrath! Great job on this one. You nailed Wrath! No pun intended. lol

Written by Sarah Zeeb on Aug 24th 2018

This scent is so sexy and dreamy! It's dark, warm, clean the way a warrior King should smell. Every time I light it, it makes me "Ahhhh..."