Zsadist Scented Candle

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Scent Description A powerful blend of evergreen, Madagascar pepper and musk
Color Olive Green

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Zsadist is like a slice of heaven!


We know you can’t judge a book by its cover. And there’s a Brother who’s exterior – scarred, tattooed, and more than a little scary – hides the heart of an angel.


After a long hard day of life, don’t you want an angel there to greet you? That’s what you’ll get with your own Zsadist scented candle!


Worried the fragrance will smell like Christmas? I promise you won’t want to dig out your decorations when this candle is burning. Zsadist’s candle is unassuming and soothing. With a clean fresh evergreen scent balanced with a masculine musk and pepper, you’ll know this Brother is there at the ready.


Now’s your chance to smell what Bella smells each morning when she and Nalla say sleep well to their heavenly male. Zsadist has been a best seller for a couple years, so you know there are many fans enjoying his scent all over the globe.


Zsadist is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance.


Scent Description:
A powerful blend of evergreen, Madagascar pepper and musk
Olive Green

Product Reviews

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Z review
Written by Margaux.braun on Nov 13th 2023

My whole family enjoys this scent. I burn it during the holidays cause it's a great scent, the leather with the balsam is there but not over powering.

Written by Brittney on Nov 4th 2022

I love this candle! The smell, the color, it’s not too strong. I currently have it burning right now and it gives me a sense of safety.

Written by undefined on Apr 22nd 2022

My absolute favorite of the candles. The evergreen blend in this candle is perfection!!

Written by Catherine on Mar 14th 2021

I love this scent! It's light and actually pretty fresh smelling! 10/10 recommend!

Zsadist Candle
Written by Mary Dugger on Dec 17th 2020

Candle was a gift and it was a huge hit!

Zsadist candles
Written by Sandy Box on Jun 3rd 2020

They smell amazing! Just exactly what I imagined my favorite character would smell like.

Zsadist Scented Candle
Written by Lisa on Jul 11th 2019

Great smelling candle that will remind you of Z's walks in the woods with JM. The evergreen scent is very dominate, in fact I couldn't really smell the pepper and musk. My only problem is when I think of Z, I think of green apples, so I would have liked to have some green apple mixed in with his candle. All in all, a great scent!

Written by Janice R Puckett on Mar 19th 2019

Love this candle!!! Reminds me of the woods and the mountains around here......especially a summer morning when the sun warms everything up. LOVE IT!!!!

A slice of heaven
Written by Tisha Arterberry on Aug 26th 2018

My favorite Brother is Zsadist so it stands to reason that my favorite candle is also his. This candle, with its clean, fresh evergreen scent is a slice of heaven for me. After a long hard day, lighting this candle and sipping chardonnay is very soothing and therapeutic, not unlike Zsadist's silent strolls with John in the Brotherhood mansion's grounds. Try it and see!

I love this one!
Written by Sarah Zeeb on Aug 24th 2018

The scents mix together very well. You can tell every scent in there, but the evergreen and pepper stand out the strongest. It's a spicy, woodsy, clean.