HP Wizarding Candles

Butter Brew! Just for Wizards like you!

Butter Brew Scented Candle

$10.00 - $24.00
A Wizard's drink of choice, brewed into this deliciously scented candle!   You'll feel like you've pulled up a chair in your favorite wizarding pub when you light this creamy butterscotch scented candle. The sweet scent of this candle will fill...
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Spend an evening with the Weasley family and the rest of Harry Potter's friends!

Evening at the Burrow

$10.00 - $24.00
Our Evening at the Burrow scent is a cozy fragrance - like a warm handmade jumper or a patchwork quilt. You'll want it close at hand always! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend an evening at The Burrow? Now you can pretend this candle...
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Loyalty and Kindness are some of the best Hufflepuff traits!

Loyal Kindness Scented Candle

$10.00 - $24.00
Loyalty and Kindness are two of the best Hufflepuff House traits! Get a scented candle that will help you share your favorite house!   This lovely candle is so comforting! The lemon fragrance is sweet and tart, and is complemented well by the...
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