Butter Brew Scented Candle

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Scent Description A sweet brew of butterscotch and vanilla creme

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Indulge in the Magic of Butter Brew Book-Inspired Candle

Step into a world of wizardry and wonder with our Butter Brew candle. A concoction straight out of the wizarding world, this deliciously scented candle captures the essence of a wizard's drink of choice. Imagine yourself seated in your favorite wizarding pub, as the creamy butterscotch fragrance transports you to a realm where enchantment and aroma intertwine.

A Toast to Wizarding Delights:

As you light the Butter Brew candle, you'll be swept away by the intoxicating aroma reminiscent of a frothy, creamy beverage. The sweet scent fills your space, inviting you to relive cherished moments with your favorite wizards and witches. It's more than a fragrance—it's a journey into the heart of magical camaraderie.

A Whimsical Sweet Symphony:

Crafted with care, the Butter Brew candle embodies the whimsical allure of a wizarding treat. The butterscotch scent dances in the air, evoking images of cozy corners in wizarding pubs where tales are told and laughter abounds. It's an invitation to savor the joy of enchanting worlds and the aromatic delights they offer.

Experience the magic of Butter Brew, a fragrance exclusive to Book Scents. 

Savor the enchantment and let Butter Brew book-inspired candle transport you to the heart of wizarding delights. Immerse yourself in the aroma of butterscotch and relish the moments of camaraderie and wonder that come alive with every scent note. Embrace the magic and let the fragrance weave its spell in your space.

Scent Description:
A sweet brew of butterscotch and vanilla creme

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Butterbeer in a Candle!
Written by Alissa on Apr 30th 2020

Smells exactly like butterbeer in candle form. It was exactly what we were looking for to make our house smell like Hogsmeade!