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All Wizards Welcome!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you my experience at LeakyCon 2019 in Boston. This was my first Harry Potter convention and I had a blast. I loved it so much I'm considering going back in 2020! Here are my thoughts on the whole weekend! This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at LeakyCon, the biggest Harry Potter convention in the U.S., and I jumped at the…

A Can't Miss Epic Historical Saga!

One of my favorite genre of books is historical fiction, so when Elizabeth Bell contacted me to create a candle for her book, Necessary Sins, I was so excited to read her book. What I found on the pages of this book was a beautiful story that spans across the generations of family who's lives haven't turned out as they hoped or expected. What I loved: I felt this story was excellently re…