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Unsure which scented candles you'd like to purchase from Book Scents? Would you like to get a chance to smell-before-you-buy? Well here's your chance!

Build your own 4-pack! You can pick 4 scents you'd like to try - just visit the drop-down menus above and pick your preferred options.

These sample packs will provide you with 4- 1 oz wax samples in plastic cups. These are wickless samples that provide about 8 - 12 hours of fragrance per cup.


✅ Check out our blog post on the best ways to use your Samples!


*Click here for a full list of our scented candles with fragrance descriptions.

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Pick Your Own Options Wax Samples
Written by Lynsey on Dec 3rd 2022

Being able to pick and choose scents gave me so many options. I first got ones that I figured I'd like based on the scents in them and I held off on others I wasn't sure about. Knowing that I'm not commiting to a larger candle or wax melt makes it easier to try other scents, I'm on the fence about. Let me tell you, the ones I was on the fence about, ended up smelling wonderful and the hesitation wasn't necessary. Then I got larger versions of my favorites. I've given my friend all her favorite Outlander men as part of her birthday gift. I've created "Convincing you to read the BDB" based on these 4 scents. Though sometimes it's hard to pick only 4. It's nice that I can customize based on what a specific person likes.

Scented wax samples (pick your own)
Written by BeverlySheaffer on Jul 26th 2022

I absolutely LOVE the honey sample. And as always, Claire is my favorite. So perfect. I tried some new samples and I’m glad they are samples because I’m not too fond of one of them so I didn’t buy a candle I would end up not burning. Packaged so well and compostable material.

Written by Liz on Aug 29th 2021

I received my samples yesterday and was very pleased with the descriptions of what they smelled like. Packaged well too. I got a handwritten thank you on the invoice.

Great sampler!
Written by Christa Starr on Jun 16th 2021

Loved getting this sampler pack! From the descriptions I was able to pick four scents to see which I'd like the best, and now I know where to spend my money for the BIG candles :)

Loving this!!
Written by Cyndi Federico on Mar 3rd 2021

As a candle ADDICT, it is an absolute MUST to have great smelling candles that last a long time. And woah let me say this I found them!! This is my second time buying the samples and I still cant figure which one smells the best because frankly they all are fantastic! EXTRA BONUS: they are from my favorite book series of alllll time BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD. If you ever wondered what your favorite hellon smells like TRY THESE CANDLES! i am especially loving Rehv's just because he is my favorite

Written by Colleen Kennedy on Feb 24th 2021

Had to pick up at post office due to weather but was very excited to get them love all the scents I received and will be purchasing others

Great way to sample the scents
Written by Fatima on Oct 1st 2020

Title says it all. They were packaged really nicely and arrived safe and sound (with a lovely bonus sample)! I'm still getting through melting them but I'd definitely purchase a full size of at least one of them.

Awesome way to sample!
Written by Misty Stapel on Sep 27th 2020

I was able to preview what scents from my favorite book series would be before deciding which large candles to buy. The only problem is that I love them all! Such high quality and fragrance! I will definitely be ordering more!

Great idea!
Written by Alaina Gunter on Sep 5th 2020

I'm so glad this option is available! I'm a bit of a candle fanatic but I'm always hesitant about buying them online because I can be a little picky about scents. This was lovely because I can get a small sample to see if I like the scent before buying a whole candle. They come in little plastic tubs with lids- I think I'm going to try and get them out of the tubs and put the wax in my wax scent warmer!