Hand-poured candles that transport you into your favorite book fandom.


I know a lot of people don’t get us book fans.

Most of those “muggle types” don’t relate to our fandom obsession. They don’t understand our squeals of delight at getting a German copy of Outlander or a 57-piece Hogsmeade Village for Christmas or a personalized license plate that says VSHOUS.

But you know what? I’m okay with that. Because I’ve met some pretty awesome people while standing in line for a broomstick inspired by the Nimbus 2000.

I make candles for fans like you: the series re-reading, book collecting, convention attending, must-have-all-the-things inspired by your favorite books FANS. You’re the kind of fan that keeps me dedicated to candles that honor the books that inspire you. It’s my pleasure to spend days, weeks and sometimes months crafting a fragrance that is “just right”.

Imagine being able to curl up on in your favorite reading chair, book in hand and a candle fragrance that fills the room with scents inspired by the books you love.

Imagine enjoying the company of your favorite character for up to 70 hours!

Imagine opening a box and feeling the rush of finding a new way to connect with your favorite books and characters.

 You can get all this with Book Scents candles.


Our Origin Story


My name is Nalana Lillie and I’m the chief candle pourer, fragrance development magician and owner of Book Scents.




Every good character has an origin story. No one hears, “Harry, you’re a wizard!” on page one of their personal tale.

Book Scents’ story has a humble beginning. It started with 14 fragrances and a double-boiler wax melter in my basement, and with my Hufflepuff patience and dedication I’ve built from there.

Since 2013 I’ve been creating more and more fandom-inspired candles.

My customers often ask why I make candles inspired by Outlander, Harry Potter and The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Those three book series are my favorite fandoms, and each played a part in helping me overcome difficult times. Through my husband’s deployments, moving to new places where I knew no one, and low times in my life, I could count on these books to help me cope with the reality of each day.

They also helped me find a community of fans who have become an integral part of my life – some becoming lifelong friends!

I can’t imagine my life without those books and fans.

And that’s why I love making these candles. They are an extension of who I am.


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