Fact: Book Scents isn’t the only place you can get book inspired candles.

We know that and so do you. So why is Book Scents the place YOU should shop for book inspired candles?

We are fans just like you. Seriously. Book Scents owner and chief fragrance creator, Nalana Lillie, loves the book series that inspired these candles. Go ahead and test her! And this is important because it’s not just about making candles – it’s about candles that HONOR the books that inspire them. Time and care are taken not only to create the candles, but to make sure the fragrances are a fit for the inspiration.

Our customers are fans too. Like convention attending, book collecting, Facebook author-stalking fans. These fans can’t get enough of the candles we make. They seek out everything they can that will keep them in the world they love to connect with. Our scented candles bring them joy!

And speaking of Joy – that’s our mission! Yes, we want to provide you with quality products (and we do!), but the focus of Book Scents is to provide a connection to the books you love. We want you to open your shipments and squeal with delight. We want you to have hours of joy as the fragrances transports you into your favorite series.

Fact: There’s nothing like feeling accepted.

At Book Scents we embrace our fanatic love of all things Outlandish, Brotherhood and Wizarding. And if you’re like us, you want to know others who don’t question that fanatical love. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.