Evening at the Burrow

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Scent Description A comforting blend of baked bread, harvest ale and a cozy fire
Color pumpkin orange

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Experience the Magic of the Evening at the Burrow Book-Inspired Candle

Step into the heartwarming embrace of Evening at the Burrow candle. This cozy fragrance captures the essence of a warm handmade jumper or a comforting patchwork quilt, bringing the spirit of The Burrow right into your space. With its inviting scent, you'll find yourself transported to a world where the comforts of home intertwine with the magic of wizarding tales.

Embrace the Cozy Enchantment:

Imagine spending an evening at The Burrow, surrounded by the warmth of camaraderie and the aroma of delectable treats. As you light the Evening at the Burrow candle, the scent of baked bread, sweet harvest ale, and a hint of a crackling cozy fire will envelop you in an enchanting embrace. It's the perfect sensory journey to soothe your soul.

A Wholesome Wizarding Aura:

Crafted with care, the Evening at the Burrow candle is more than a fragrance—it's an invitation to partake in the simple joys of life. The notes of baked bread evoke images of hearty meals shared among friends, while the sweet harvest ale adds a touch of conviviality. The underlying warmth of a cozy fire completes the ambiance of a perfect evening.

A Portkey to Imagination:

Let your imagination take flight as you envision the charm and comfort of The Burrow, the iconic home of the Weasley family. This candle serves as your magical portkey, transporting you to a place where stories come alive in scent. Embrace the magic of literature and fragrance as they intertwine in perfect harmony.

A Book Scents Exclusive:

Experience the unique allure of Evening at the Burrow, a fragrance that is exclusively crafted for the book lover in you. Every whiff of this candle brings the heart of The Burrow closer, allowing you to create an atmosphere of enchantment that resonates with your love for literature.


Scent Description:
A comforting blend of baked bread, harvest ale and a cozy fire
pumpkin orange

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my new favorite candle
Written by April Joy on Apr 16th 2020

I received this candle as a gift from my sister. It is the BEST candle scent ever. It makes my entire house feel cozy and like I'm baking bread. The family loves it, too!