Murhder Scented Candle

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Scent Description A potent blend of smoke, dark spices, cool air and fresh woods
Color Burgandy
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Enjoy the newest original Brother in this gorgeously scented candle! Murhder is here!


Murhder's scent is inspired by a scene in the book in which he is standing outside watching a building burn. The description of his anguish, of his sadness and his surroundings as he stood hidden in the trees inspired a scent that was mellow, outdoorsy, but also smoky and spicy. The scent is almost as magnificent as Murhder and his return to the Brotherhood. 

If you loved The Savior and plan to re-read this book, get the candle that will bring this amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood character to life!

Scent Description:
A potent blend of smoke, dark spices, cool air and fresh woods

Product Reviews

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One of my favorites
Written by Dina on Jun 6th 2020

This smells fantastic. One of my favorites

If this is Murhder...kill me slowly!!
Written by Stephanie on Jul 23rd 2019

GOOD. NESS!!!! The scent jumps right out at you from the moment the flame hits the wick!! I smelled the dark spices and the woods an could see the B&B that he lived in!! Then I got the scent of smoke and cool air—wicked combination—and I could imagine Murhder towering over Sarah, leaning down to kiss her...THIS is a candle I will buy again!!