Rehvenge Scented Candle

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Scent Description a mysterious blend of amber, musk, patchouli, cool ozone and sandalwood
Color Purple

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Rehvenge's candle is dedicated to those amethyst eyes and secretive nature.

You'll lose yourself in the mystical scents of patchouli, amber and ozone, with a base of sandalwood. 


Rehvenge is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance.




Scent Description:
a mysterious blend of amber, musk, patchouli, cool ozone and sandalwood

Product Reviews

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Love, love, love this scent!
Written by April Crosby on Aug 11th 2022

Perfect for Rehvenge! Sexy, and mysterious, with a little spice. This and Rhage are my go-to scents!

Sweet Rehvenge
Written by Stephanie on Apr 21st 2021

Rev’s candle is, to me, very hypnotic. The scent subtly encompasses the whole room and you’re surround by his lushousness!! I could even smell him when I went rom my living room to my kitchen!!!! He’s just all over yumminess!!

Deeply Compelling
Written by Melody on Nov 23rd 2020

My first Book Scents order was for the Brotherhood wax-melt set. I was impressed by each of the scents, but Rehvenge I literally could not put down. I wanted to just keep sniffing it over and over. Book-Rehv has his life together, at least in the side he shows others, but his complicated layers go much deeper. Candle-Rehvenge has a depth that entices and delights. Think “Lush,” and “Opulent.” It makes me giddy and dreamy at the same time.

Written by lainey on May 15th 2020

I could huff on Rehvenge all night long! What a sultry scent! Absolutely nailed it!

Incredible Scent!
Written by April on Oct 6th 2019

This is an amazing scent and spot on for Rehvenge. One of my new favorite candles!!

A true original!
Written by Tisha Arterberry on Aug 24th 2018

I buy a lot of candles but I’ve never encountered a fragrance combo like Rehvenge! It’s unusual but really good. I like this candle very much, specially its’ rich amethyst color that’s reminiscent of a certain Sympath’s dreamy eyes.