Fandom Fragrances for Guys

With Father’s Day approaching rapidly, why not give ol’ Dad a gift he can’t refuse? We’ve got all sorts of gifts for Dad…and that special guy in your life! Let’s make Father’s Day extra memorable this year with Book Scents beard oils, masculine scents, whiskey-scented candles, and Badass Book Boyfriend fandom candles.

Book Boyfriend Beard Oil Gift Set

How about one of our Book Boyfriend Beard Oils for Father’s Day? Our exclusive oils are exact matches to their candle counterparts!

We have four options currently in store for you:

  • Jamie: an inviting scent composed of musk, pine, and wood smoke.
  • Vishous: a distinctive blend of leather, smoke, musk, amber, and pepper.
  • Rhage: a fresh earthy fragrance of citrus, green bamboo, patchouli, and musk.
  • Roger: a robust blend of tobacco, whiskey, cedar wood, and musk.

All of our beard oils are sold in awesome gift sets!

With your purchase, you receive:

  • -One 1 oz bottle of Book Boyfriend Beard Oil
  • -A Coxwood Medium Tooth Beard Comb
  • -A Cotton Blend Lined Zipper Bag

On top of that, our beard oils are made with high quality oils— Jojoba (full of Vitamin E, which is thought to help with scars and hair growth), Sweet Almond (moisturizes skin and hair follicles), and Walnut (with Vitamin C, which is thought to reduce wrinkles and fine lines). These oils will make your loved one’s beard look and feel AMAZING!

No matter if your guy spells it whisky or whiskey these boozy-scented candles are the perfect complement to his relaxation time:

  • Roger: a robust blend of tobacco, whiskey, cedar wood, and musk.
  • I Drink and I Know Things: a brilliant blend of whiskey, cognac, bourbon, and wine.
  • Whiskey Prince: a warm blend of whiskey and sweet cedar wood.
  • Murtagh: a cozy blend of charred sandalwood, black pepper and whiskey.

These scents are one-of-a-kind…like your Dad and special guy in your life!! Any of these scents would be a brilliant addition to any man cave. They also make great conversation starters between him and his guy friends over a cigar and whiskey!

We’ve got countless masculine scents for you to choose from for guy gifts this year.

Why not start with Qhuinn - an explosive blend of gunpowder, patchouli, and musk. There’s not many candles with gunpowder in them so this is a great fragrance to surprise your guy with!

A fan favorite and number 1 best seller since 2013, our Badass Book Boyfriend Jamie makes a great guy gift! An inviting scent composed of musk, pine, and wood smoke, 7/10 husbands (including mine!) love the masculine scent just as much as the ladies who purchased it. Even the guys who don’t like scented candles like it!

With up to 70 hours of burn time, Murhder, is a scent to die for! This fragrance is inspired by a scene in The Savior (BDB fans know which scene I’m talking about!) when Murhder is standing outside watching a building burn. The book’s description of his anguish, sadness, and surroundings inspired a scent that was mellow, outdoorsy, but also smoky and spicy.

Zsadist is another outdoorsy fan favorite! This is one Brother whose exterior— scarred, tattooed, and intimidating— hides the heart of an angel. This powerful blend of evergreen, Madagascar pepper, and musk is a great gift for the guy who loves woodsy pine scents.

Wrath, the Warrior King, is one more excellent Father’s Day gift to make Dad or that special someone feel like a king! Large and in charge, Wrath always takes command in the Brotherhood series. This unique blend of pepper, leather, patchouli, and musk will make that special someone in your life feel empowered!

Need I say more? Order a gift today for Dad’s special day! Or…if you’re unsure which fragrance he will love, purchase a gift certificate for him and let him decide!!