Beach Read

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Escape to the shore with our Beach Read coconut scented candle!

Land locked? Can't get away to the beach this summer? Why not bring the beach to you?!

Our Beach Read candle is a luxurious blend of coconut, tonka bean and sandalwood. It's got a creamy scent that will help you relax while enjoy your favorite summer book! 


This Book Scents exclusive fragrance does not smell like sunscreen, like some coconut fragrances do. You'll enjoy 60-70 hours of luxurious, warm coconut fragrance.


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Feel like sand between my toes
Written by Kayla Brink on Aug 25th 2022

This scent is so refreshing. Close your eyes and get taken to the beach, sit in a chair with your favorite page turner and pretend there is an ocean breeze!

I can almost smell summer from here..
Written by Inkslinger on May 1st 2022

Love this fragrance! Coconut based scents are some of my favorites and paired with the musk of sandalwood, this is perfect for relaxing with a good book!

Beach Read candle
Written by Coconut I Like! on Apr 20th 2022

So, I'm not a huge coconut fan other than it does make me think of summertime but the combination of scents in this one is exotic and fresh and oceany (is that a word, probably, with a little bit of woodsy. I adore this new scent and would definitely recommend it!

Lives Up to It's Name!
Written by Misty Stapel on Apr 20th 2022

The fresh, beachy coconut scent of this candle transports me instantly to reading at the beach! It is such a relaxing yet invigorating scent. All that is missing is the sun, but the warmth of this high quality candle more than makes up for it!

Beach Read
Written by Melanie Murray on Apr 20th 2022

This scent is subtle and soothing just like a calm day reading on the beach.