Strong Female

Storytellers Collection
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 She's fierce. She's smart. She's vulnerable. She's a Strong Female!

Aren't we all looking for books with a strong female lead?! Now you can capture those Strong Female characters with our new candle!

This fragrance is a powerhouse and with this name it's the perfect gift for the strong women in your life. When we sniff this scent, the peach and clementine lead the way. But we know that everyone has a different experience, so you may pick up the berry scents first. No matter which fragrance you smell first, Strong Female will fill a room and remind you what it stands for. Strong girls and women leading the way in the stories we love. 


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Instagram Giveaway Winner
Written by Sarah on Feb 28th 2022

Won this as part of a giveaway on Book Scents' Instagram! Book Scents truly has the most unique scents and is always there for me when I need my candle fix. I was so happy to win this scent-- perfect timing after a recent break-up and it lifted my spirits! The gentle and lovely fruity scents make me feel empowered like the strong female that I am! With springtime right around the corner, the peach, clementine, and sweet berry (all perfectly complementing each other and wrapped up in a beautiful lavender) bring the magic of springtime right to my bedroom! :)

Written by Amanda Karki on Feb 11th 2022

This is a unique scent that is perfect for springtime! I also love the name, Strong Female.

Wonderful scent
Written by Sandra Duke on Feb 9th 2022

This candle is so good I can't stop smelling it. I can really smell peach and citrus. It's just a delightful candle.

Strong Female
Written by Melanie Murray on Feb 9th 2022

This candle smells so fruity and delicious, I almost want to eat it.