Love Triangle

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Scent Profile Lime | Grapefruit | Pine

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Talk about complicated! Love Triangles are often a favorite story that create drama and excitement for the reader. 

Now you can experience a complex fragrance that is inspired by a fickle heart.

This fragrance brings together three scents that you wouldn't normally combine. It's definitely unique! But so are love triangles! Each is it's own intricate weft of friendships or family ties that have us begging for more. With lime and grapefruit scents leading the way, you'll never want to stop smelling this scent. The pine undertones will sneak up on you and surprise you just like the twists and turns of a love triangle. The combination makes for a complex fragrance that you'll enjoy for many hours!



Scent Profile:
Lime | Grapefruit | Pine

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 5 ratings)
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What a lovely spring scent
Written by Donna Elkins on Mar 16th 2023

I am so in love with this scent! It has the fresh lime/grapefruit smell for spring but is not too sweet fruity smelling. I ordered a few new candles and this is the first one I’m burning because I loved it so much.

Citrus delight but not to sweet.
Written by Colleen M on Mar 4th 2023

Love Triangle is such a wonderful Citrus scent but with the subtle scent of pine , it isn't too sweet. This is my favorite of the new spring collection.

This is my favorite of the spring collection!
Written by VF on Mar 2nd 2023

I love this scent so much and honestly, I wasn't sure that it would be for me. Don't let the mention of pine make you hesitate, if that's not normally your thing. It's not mine either, but Nalana is a true master of fragrances. The pine is such an underlying note, that I feel it just tempers the lime and grapefruit notes, which are more prevalent. This does not smell like a pine tree, it's lovely and light and fresh.

Love Triangle Review
Written by Brenda Suiter on Mar 2nd 2023

I absolutely love this fragrance! There is just something about the blending of the grapefruit and pine that is so mind blowing that it is hard to describe. One of the best I have ever smelled.

Beautiful fragrance
Written by Jen on Feb 9th 2022

At first, I got a very citrus scent that is light and sweet, but underneath that the is a nice fresh pine that smells like an evergreen forest. I really like this light but complex scent.