Plot Twist

Storytellers Collection
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Plot Twist is a bubbly blend of lemon, lime and a touch of orange. The perfect twist for your scented candle game!

You're happily reading along and then...Plot Twist! It's always exciting when that happens! And our Plot Twist candle is an unexpected twist on scented'll be totally surprised by this fragrance. It's got a fizzy lime top note with an undertone of other bright citrus scents. This powerful blend will elevate your summer candle experience (and fill your home with fragrance)!


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Plot twist refreshing
Written by Kayla Brink on Aug 25th 2022

I love this scent - I got it as a warmer first .. had to go back and get a bigger one! Went through it so fast! Thank you it’s summer fun!

Citrus soda in a candle
Written by Stephanie on May 21st 2022

This candle smells like a citrus soda!! It’s fun and makes me smile.

Summer Fun
Written by N Schiro on Apr 24th 2022

Plot twist is a fun mix of citrus and margaritas. A fun scent for the summer ☀️

All the Citrus!
Written by Colleen Mumma on Apr 20th 2022

This candle has the refreshing citrus smell of a summer time sparkling beverage, poured over ice in a tall glass. Sooo good.

Loving Plot Twist!!
Written by Jeanette Merrick on Apr 20th 2022

I love the sparkly citrusy scent of Plot Twist! I'll definitely be getting more of this scent for the Summer.

Citrus sparkle
Written by Stephanie on Apr 20th 2022

I got this as a sample and it smells like a citrusy soda—very bright and something I would burn/melt to lift my spirits!!

Fresh and Sweet!
Written by Misty Stapel on Apr 20th 2022

This scent is so fresh and full of citrus. It reminds me of sherbet punch and summer parties. This wax melt is so pleasant but not overwhelming. A perfect balance of summer!

Plot Twist Candle
Written by Summer Punch on Apr 20th 2022

I love this scent! It reminds me of the punch we made for weddings and holidays with the 7up and sherbet. Smells so wonderful! I definitely recommend this one!