Man Cave Candles: Gifts for Him

Does your man's "Man Cave" need a little pick me up? Are you trying to find a unique gift for the guy who has everything?

Candle's might not be the obvious gift to give to the guy in your life, but dude's like candles too!

Today we're going to focus on some great Book Scents candles that are perfect for any Man Cave!

The OG Man Cave: The Office

Before there were actual man caves - as we think of them now - there was "the office". That was where business happened or bills got paid - at least in all those TV Land shows! Fast forward to 2020 and beyond and the home office is now a thing that includes actual work. Why not make the place that they spend 8+ hours a day smell amazing!

Our recommendation: Male of Worth!

This candle has a fragrance that is bright, cool and outdoorsy. Just enough pick-me-up from the green apples to help with focus to complement the grounding cool pine forest scent. And talk about a positive affirmation with that name! Just a reminder of how much their work is appreciated. 

The Gamer Man Cave

Not every guy is Mr. Fix It or into golf. So here's a great gift for the guy whose man cave is focused on gaming, TV fandoms, or even a little D&D!⁠ ⁠ 

If your favorite guy wishes he could start his own Hellfire Club or can't wait for the next Destiny release, then he'll love our King of the North candle!⁠ ⁠ 

King of the North will bring the outside indoors, and create a feeling of adventure in the gamer man cave. The blend of cool citrus, meadow grass and cedarwood will be the perfect backdrop for his next gaming mission!

The Basement Bar Man Cave:

If the man in your life enjoys poker and bourbon, then he's probably got a man cave to host his buddies. And while they are giving each other crap and sipping a moscow mule, why not have a candle around that sends the perfect message.

Our recommendation: I Drink & I Know Things!

Now fair warning - this boozy candle is strong! If the man cave is small you might burn this candle before guests arrive to set the mood. This fragrance has a strong cold throw - meaning you'll smell it when its not burning. But if your guy loves the smells of whisky, cognac, bourbon and wine - this candle is for him!

Other Man Cave fragrances:

Although these are our top three recommendations we would be remiss if we didn't share with you some of the other masculine scents in our store that would be the perfect compliment to any man cave and would make the perfect gift for him.

  • Jamie - our bestselling candle of all time, brings a woodsy, outdoorsy campfire scent to any space.
  • Roger - an amazing blend of tobacco and whisky (this would be another contender for a Basement Bar Man Cave)
  • Murtagh - a peppery blend of whiskey and sandalwood that would complement any man cave
  • Vishous -  another top seller that smells like leather and dark spices that's perfect for the man who likes leather jackets, motorcycles, and has a big collection of skull rings

We hope this list of fragrances helps you to come up with the perfect scented gift for him!

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