4 Ways to Use your Scented Candle Wax Samples!

Breaking News: we’ve got WAX HACKS for you— tips on how to use your 1 oz sample fragrance cups! Contrary to what you may think…there are a number of different ways to utilize these samples to make the most of them, release their fragrances, and fill a room. For starters, we’ve got four handy tips for you to try out!

1.Pop the wax out of the cup. Cut it in half or into fourths. This will release the scent of what the candle will smell like. The color is also representative of the candle. This works best with stronger fragrances. A lighter floral scent like Claire will have to be melted in a wax warmer. We’ve got a variety of book-inspired wax samples for every candle hoarder and addict out there. If you’re an Outlander, Harry Potter, or Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, boy, do we have samples for you!


2. For our second wax trick...if you have a tart/wax warmer, cut up your sample into smaller portions (fourths and sixths) and warm them. This will give you a feel for the scent of the candle when it is warm. Not all scents are equal in the warmer— meaning that some scents fill a room, while others are more subtle. The candle with a full amount of scent will give you the full amount of “throw."


Pictured here, we have Loyal Kindness, a more potent fragrance that is a comforting blend of lemon cake, sweet ginger, and chamomile. This fragrance will transport you to the Hufflepuff common rooms...just outside the kitchens! You surely must try this if you're a loyal wizard!!

All samples work well in an electric warmer…but one of my favorite other potent scents to warm is Wise Creativity. A Ravenclaw House scent, the smell of blackberries, raspberries, and sweet scones will fill your room easily. 

3. Put your 1 oz sample fragrance cup on a paper towel and in a sunny window or windowsill. This will warm the cup enough to release the fragrance for you to smell! You can decide afterwards if you want to purchase a full 10 oz Wise Creativity candle, Clever Ambition candle, or other scents!

This strategy works well without the use of an electric warmer and is a super quick wax hack to try out!


4. Similar to our last wax tip, this tip is one you will surely want to bookmark for later use!!

Since summer is here...warmer weather calls for a little bit of fragrance for our cars. Using a paper towel, you can warm your wax sample in your car for a fresh scent! Talk about a versatile scent that you can take on-the-go.


* Did you try out any of these wax hacks? Which were your favorites? Please let us know!!