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Unsure which scented candles you'd like to purchase from Book Scents? Would you like to get a chance to smell-before-you-buy? Well here's your chance!

Books Scents offers sample packs. You can choose from one of the following options:

  • Brotherhood 1: Beth, Mine, Rehvenge, Blaylock 
  • Brotherhood 2: Wrath, Zsadist, Quinn, Rhage
  • Brotherhood 3: Vishous, Butch, Shadows, Murhder
  • Fan Favorite - Exit Unicorns: Casey, Jamie, Pamela & Yevgena
  • Wizard Love Potions: Apple of My Eye, Cloud Nine, Orange You Cute, Sweet on You
  • Outlandish 1: Claire, Jamie, Black Jack, Dougal
  • Outlandish 2: Through the Stones, Artemis at Sea, Autumn on The Ridge, Echoes from Scotland
  • Outlandish 3: Lord John, Spies, Lies & Dragonflies, The Gathering, Snow & Embers

Or you can even build your own 4-pack! You can pick 4 scents you'd like to try and type them in the notes when purchasing. You can pick from any of the above or new candles as they come available. Just visit the drop-down menu above and pick your preferred option. These sample packs will provide you with 4- 1 oz wax samples in plastic cups. These are wickless samples that provide about 8 - 12 hours of fragrance per cup.

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Wax samples
Written by Ashley on Sep 20th 2019

I LOVE the wax samples!! I can try my favorite BDB scents and use them in my warmers. The Brothers smell amazing! Especially Wrath and Butch. Thanks!!

Every one a winner!
Written by Melody on Aug 14th 2019

This was my first Book Scents purchase, and I bought all three Brotherhood sets and all three Outlandish sets. The first thing I noticed was that the sample sizes were generous and just the colors alone were stunning. And the fragrances! Each and every one was really wonderful. The Outlandish scents were lovely and evocative. I haven't read any of the Brotherhood books so I can't compare the scents to the characters, all I can say is that as I sniffed them all each scent was more beautiful than the one before. And there's not a cliche in the bunch! I literally had a hard time putting the Rehvenge cup down. I kept wanting to sniff it...sparkling on top, but with the sense that something else entirely was going on beneath the surface. Is that Rehvenge's personality? Now I have to read the books to find out! (And get the candles as well!) Oh, and I appreciated the two bonus cups that were included in my shipment!

Sample review
Written by Amanda on Jul 22nd 2019

This is a great way to get an idea of what each one is like, and they all smell amazing!!

Love these scents!
Written by SM on Oct 9th 2018

Absolutely love all these scents. They are not overpowering in the least.

Review about BDB samples
Written by Michele on Aug 24th 2018

I recently bought these and another BDB samples. I was excited to be able to smell these and read about the brothers.