Stars Hollow - Fall 2021 Collection

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Where you lead....I will follow...straight to one of the most iconic locations in TV pop culture - Stars Hollow!

Okay, so I know that Stars Hollow is from a TV show, but hear me out. Is Rory not an intensely dedicated reader? Aren't books a huge part of the clever banter in the show? Doesn't the idea of visiting Stars Hollow in Fall sound like the perfect adventure?

Yes, yes and yes! So this Fall wrap yourself up in the comforting scents that are Fall in Stars Hollow - sweet caramel, tart apple, and coffee! Imagine yourself walking by Luke's, and Miss Patty's and the gazebo in the town square...or better yet, light this candle and binge the show!


Check out our Fall Fragrance Variety Pack which contains six 4 ounce candles, one of which is Stars Hollow!