Phillipe Scented Candle

Scent Description A powerful blend of bay, fir, cedar wood, fig and dark musk
Color Green
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Power. Family. Legacy. Phillipe is an old world patriarch. Yet, as we get to know him in The Shadow of Night - another side is revealed that is more complex that anyone can imagine.

And with any complex character, the candle fragrance has to be just as complex. Phillipe's fragrance doesn't disappoint! With a blend of bay, cedar and fir mixed with fig and musk, this candle presents many layers of fragrance. 

Each encounter with Phillipe is an experience - and the same could be said about his character candle!


Phillipe is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance!

Scent Description:
A powerful blend of bay, fir, cedar wood, fig and dark musk

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Deep and Delicious
Written by Melody on Dec 1st 2020

Phillipe’s is a scent both substantial and subtle, like a symphony recording played at an intimate volume. It makes me think of hanging gardens on ancient walls in a long-forgotten forest. This fragrance would be very easy to live with long-term, no matter the season.