Droughtlander is Over!

Droughtlander - Outlander fandom candle gift set

Droughtlander - 5 Tin Fragrance Gift Set | Fandom Candles

$38.00 On Sale
Celebrate the end of Droughtlander with this collection of Outlander inspired Fandom Candles! This lovely collection will take your enjoyment of the newest season of Outlander to the next level - fragrances inspired by our favorite characters - Jamie,...
Droughtlander is over! Outlander inspired fandom candles

Droughtlander is Over! Fandom Candles

$90.00 On Sale
Droughtlander is almost over! Purchase this fandom candle bundle and get enough fragrance to accompany Season 5 of Outlander - TWICE!! Why not be sure you've got enough fandom candles to watch the next season of Outlander more than once! This bundle...
Droughtlander Outlander fandom candles in 8 ounce tins

Droughtlander Tin Bundle | Fandom Candles

$70.00 On Sale
Fandom Candles inspired by Outlander are perfect to celebrate the end of Droughtlander! You can't pass up this amazing bundle of 8 ounce candles! Get this collection of fandom fragrances, which includes Jamie, Claire, Roger, Brianna and The Gathering...
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