North Pole Scented Candle

Holiday Scents
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Scent Description A snowy blend of woods and spearmint
Color Frosty Blue

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The North Pole is a busy place at this time of year! And this scented candle keeps you going with it's cool, wintery fragrance!

I love all of our holiday scents, but this is the one that I burn when I need to keep going...more shopping, more wrapping, more baking, more cleaning.

North Pole's fragrance brightens up your home and keeps you moving after hours, days, or weeks of prepping for the big day! With it's frosty blend of wintery smells - cool outdoors, spearmint - you'll be calm, cool and collected to take on the next task on your to-do list this holiday season!

Scent Description:
A snowy blend of woods and spearmint
Frosty Blue