Lord John Scented Candle

Scent Description The fresh, clean scent of warm linen sheets
Color Dark Lavender
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Lord John is a character that you can't help but love. His scented candle presents you with this warm and helpful personality, with a bit of a naughty feel as well. 


This candle is a simple fragrance - warm, linen sheets - but it is the perfect scent to represent this complex character. He's proper and formal, a good friend and father...but there's a past and another side to him that you only get to see when you read his books. There's a naughtier side that this fragrance also brings to mind and that everyone can enjoy without knowing it!

Scent Description:
The fresh, clean scent of warm linen sheets
Dark Lavender

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Written by Debora Conover on Mar 16th 2020

It was a gift and they loved it very much. You put the note inside just like I requested.

Lord John Grey
Written by Deb McCahan on Aug 25th 2018

This smells incredible! Clean, fresh, and floral. There may be lavender in it but it is blended very nicely into a beautiful aroma. I didn’t really think too much on what Lord John would smell like, but after smelling this candle, I thought, yeah, that’s him.