Lemongrass Hope

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Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Scent Description a magical, mystical blend of lemongrass, sage and marula oil
Color light golden yellow
Lemongrass Hope (Signed Book)

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Need a little hope? This gorgeously scented candle will brighten up your day with it's lemongrass fragrance. 

This candle is available for a limited time! And you can even order the book to go with it (just $5 and it's signed by the author!)! It's a great summer read or gift set to share with a friend! Check the box to include the book and you will receive a signed copy with your order!

Lemongrass Hope is inspired by the book of the same name written by Amy Impellizzeri. This amazing story is about choice, hope, the past, the future and so much more! This fragrance takes multiple pieces of this story and creates a gorgeous blend of lemongrass, sage and the magical marula oil that will fill a room and is the perfect accompaniment to a story that will truly transport you!

(P.S. The author just shared on social media that she's working on another book to tell more of this story and it will be out next summer!)

This candle and book set will be available all summer through September 7th. 

Scent Description:
a magical, mystical blend of lemongrass, sage and marula oil
light golden yellow