Lassister Scented Candle

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Scent Description A divine blend of tropical sunshine, warm amber, lush forest, and a floral bouquet
Color Hot Pink

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Just when you think you’ve got Lassiter figured out, he surprises you! And his scented candle aims to do the same!

When you create a fragrance for a character as loved and complex as Lassiter, it’s a daunting task. Sure, you can just throw some scents together – but does it represent the full character?

The assless chaps.

The diamonds are forever gift.

The saver of souls, the lover of trashy TV.

That’s why when you get this Lassiter candle – you’re going to experience fragrances in waves.

  • Warm tropical scents that represent warm sunny beaches and the crazy, carefree personality Lassiter usually shares with the world.

  • A bouquet of florals that are mild, but present – reminding us of his vulnerability and the sacrifices he makes.

  • Warm amber and a lush forest bring forth the serious Lassiter, who takes his job as The Divine seriously.


And the fragrance is complemented by two more "totally Lass" things - hot pink color and shimmer! 

This candle brings it all together - get ready to spend hours with Lassiter!

Scent Description:
A divine blend of tropical sunshine, warm amber, lush forest, and a floral bouquet
Hot Pink

Product Reviews

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Lassiter candle
Written by Brandy on Jun 3rd 2023

This was a 40th birthday gift for one of my best friends. We both love the Black Dagger Brotherhood!!!!! She absolutely loved the candle!!! The color, the scents, even the glitter totally screamed Lassiter. Now I need to buy myself one and get the rest of the BDB candles!!!!!

Written by Brenda Suiter on Apr 27th 2023

Just put his melt into my warmer this evening and talk about a heavenly scent! I was gone for a while this evening and when I got home and opened the door, my house smelled so good. This is definitely one of my favorites from the Brotherhood.

Summer Fun
Written by N Schiro on Apr 24th 2022

Lassiter is one of my favorites! Great for the summer. I love the extra detail of glitter. Perfect for our favorite angel

Everything I hoped for!
Written by Cindy Cottengim on Nov 30th 2021

This scent is exactly what I think of as Lassiter, love him!!!!!

Loving Lassiter!!
Written by Stephanie on Apr 14th 2021

I watched the live when this candle was discussed and I got excited!! When I got the candle, the first thing I smelled after I unwrapped it was the citrus—not overpowering, but like a caress. Then I put the bamboo lid on it and instant perfection!!! I didn’t have to worry about the scent fading!! I let my sister smell Lassiter before I lit it and she said “that’s LOVELY!!! It makes you smile just to smell it!!” Then I lit him and all we could do was just smile at the fragrance!! Well done!!

Written by Misty B Stapel on Apr 14th 2021

This is my new favorite candle! I was so curious about all of the highlights of this candle's description so I had to order. It is AMAZING, just like the character it is based on. Not only is it a wonderfully manly, but gorgeous scent, it has inspired me to read the Brothers again!

*dies and goes to The Fade*
Written by Victoria on Apr 9th 2021

I can't tell you how deliciously, distinctively Lassiter this candle is. It smells amazing.. like warm days and sweet-scented musk. I've waited for the BookScents version for years because all others always pale in comparison to their fragrances and it does not disappoint. I love it!

Fall in Love with Lassiter
Written by Melody on Apr 8th 2021

Lassiter’s wacky-wardrobed, zany jokester is giddily evoked in this striking hot-pink shimmered candle. But the fragrance is VERY far from goofball. One moment the lightness of the scent will make you think of Lass’s true heavenly nature, and the next moment you’ll sense the strength of his glorious iridescent wings. Is it fruity? Is it floral? Expect a fragrance that is quite simply lovely but hard to pin down! Truly sublime. Another winner!