John Matthew Scented Candle

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Scent Description A fresh blend of coriander, pine, cedar and warm musk
Color Blue
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Who are you, John Matthew?

BDB Fans know what's going on, but even JM himself is troubled by the dreams and intuitive knowledge he seems to have. 

Thankfully when creating this fragrance, there wasn't much confusion - honor both entities in one candle! It may have John Matthew's name on the container, but the scent has a depth that is intended to honor the Brother Darius.

In this scented candle you'll find bright "younger" scents - like coriander and pine - blended with deeper, "older" scents like cedar and warm musk. 


John Matthew is a Book Scents Exclusive Fragrance!






Scent Description:
A fresh blend of coriander, pine, cedar and warm musk

Product Reviews

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Silence speaks loudly
Written by Stephanie on Apr 21st 2021

John Matthew’s candle is like him: he doesn’t need his voice to be heard!! His scent comes into the room and embraces you...the pine makes you think of Z sitting next to him on the bus, sharing an apple with him. Then you get the musk and it’s the image of JM after his transition: tall, muscular and delicious!!

John Matthew is Lyrical!
Written by Melody on Dec 18th 2020

John Matthew’s fragrance captures him beautifully. It’s not the powerful seduction of Wrath or the pure heaven of Rehvenge, it’s the buoyancy appropriate to the youngest of the Brothers. Think of the most attractive degree and blend of light, lively and sweet, and that’s pretty much what this is. This would be perfect throughout spring and summer, or if you want a happy break from the heavier scents of the winter months. A whisper of Darius anchors, without overshadowing, the brighter elements of the fragrance. Very easy to live with!