Hot Toddy Scented Candle

Holiday Scents
Scent Description A warm blend of maple syrup and whiskey
Color Candlelight Orange

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Warm up any room this holiday season with this sweet scented candle! Hot Toddy brings all the "warm and cozy" to chilly winter evenings!

You'll love the gift of maple syrup, vanilla and whiskey this candle brings. You'll love it cold, but light it up and it'll scare away the cold! Get a tin, tart or 8 ounce glass candle and enjoy an evening with this popular scented candle!

Scent Description:
A warm blend of maple syrup and whiskey
Candlelight Orange

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings)
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New Favorite Winter Candle!
Written by Amanda Karki on Feb 11th 2022

The scent is amazing and permeates our entire living room, with just a wax melt, and it lasts a long time. I loved it so much I had to stock up for next year!

Wonderfully Cozy!
Written by Adrian S. on Dec 8th 2020

I have been very impressed with all of Book Scents offerings. The descriptions are really accurate, the scents fill my whole first floor and they are eco-friendly. Plus, they are handcrafted by a local purveyor. I couldn't be happier!

Hot Toddy Candle
Written by Melissa on Dec 8th 2020

I absolutely LOVE this candle. It's hands down my favorite scent (although Butter Brew is a close 2nd). I was never big into candles but after smelling this at a local craft show I am hooked!