Dougal Scented Candle


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Scent Description: An earthy blend of ale and sandalwood in brown.

Dougal is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance.

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Dougal review
Written by Deb McCahan on Aug 24th 2018

Omg! This should be a cologne! I would buy this for my hubby. It doesn’t even have to be lit and I get whiffs from acoss the room. I even hesitated burning it because I wanted it to last longer. Definitely how a real man should Dougal! I have repurchased this one several times.

Written by Dawn Lant on Aug 20th 2018

I thought I would try something new. Perfume smells can give me migraines so I have usually steered away from them. Then my daughter complained about candles that smelled like baked goods. I’m happy to say the “Dougal” candle has a light sandalwoo fragrance with just a hint of sweetness from the ale. I burt it in my main room which is open to the second floor. One candle is enough for subtle ambiance.