Devina Scented Candle

Book Scents Signature Candles
$18.00 - $27.00
Scent Description A bright blend of apricot, violets and citrus
Color Raspberry Red

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Devina may be a demon, but her scented candle smell amazing!

The new villain of the BDB world has her own fragrance! She may be making the Brotherhood crazy, but this apricot, violet and citrus scented candle will brighten your room!


Devina is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance.




Scent Description:
A bright blend of apricot, violets and citrus
Raspberry Red

Product Reviews

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Written by Lori Payne on Apr 4th 2022

As always, Book Scents does not fail. This candle has an amazing mix of floral and fruity that is Devin-e. The color is just the right shade of red too!

Devina candle
Written by Terri on Apr 4th 2022

Beautiful scent and fits her description

Deliciously sinful!,
Written by stephanie jenkins on Mar 23rd 2022

This fragrance is lovely, to the point of being memorable—like the character it’s named for. Lovely enough to make you want to approach and sinful enough to make you have to go to confession!! The scent lingers and keeps drawing you back to do it again…and again…and again.

Deviance Never Smelled So Good!
Written by Misty Stapel on Mar 23rd 2022

What a beautiful, deep scent for such a complex crossover character. This fragrance is enchanting and stays with you with it's very pleasant, uplifting scent and perfect for any time of the year!