Celtic Moonlight Scented Candle

Scent Description A cozy blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg
Color Dark Rust

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If you love cinnamon scented candles, this fragrance is for you!


Celtic Moonlight will put you in the perfect mood to read a book with your favorite cup of tea or coffee and a blanket on a crisp Autumn day. Although its not inspired by a specific book, it definitely is a scent that inspires! You will fall in love with this candle!

This candle has a strong throw! Recommended for serious cinnamon/clove lovers and those with a large space in which to burn this candle. 

Scent Description:
A cozy blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg
Dark Rust

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LOVE this one!!
Written by Ceilidh on Nov 9th 2018

I've been back for more with this one. If you love cinnamon and clove...you will love this one. Such a warm welcoming fragrance!!