Quick View The Fifth of July by Kelly Simmons, Girls Night In Gift Box

The Fifth of July by Kelly Simmons

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Transport yourself to Nantucket with our Summer Salt candle…and lose yourself in the family drama and mystery in this intricately woven story - The Fifth of July by Kelly Simmons! This box includes a signed copy of The Fifth of July and a candle...
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Quick View Lassister Scented Candle

Lassister Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Just when you think you’ve got Lassiter figured out, he surprises you! And his scented candle aims to do the same! When you create a fragrance for a character as loved and complex as Lassiter, it’s a daunting task. Sure, you can just throw...
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Quick View Bamboo Lids for 10 ounce candles

Bamboo Lids for 10 ounce Candles

Add a beautiful bamboo lid to your next candle purchase! Protect your candles from dust, preserve the scent you love so much or just add to the beauty of your candle as it sits on your bookshelf or next to your favorite reading chair. Each lid has been...
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Quick View 8 ounce tin and 4 ounce linen spray gift set!

Boxed Gift Set - Linen Spray + 8 ounce Tin

Give the gift of Book Scents fragrances! These gift wrapped gift sets are perfect for the fandom book lover in your life! Aren't these festive gift boxes to die for?! Enjoy the convenience of sending gifts to your family or friends in these lovely...
Quick View Four 8 ounce tins!

Boxed Gift Set - 8 ounce tins

Give the gift of Book Scents candles! These gift wrapped gift sets are perfect for the fandom book lover in your life! Aren't these festive gift boxes to die for?! Enjoy the convenience of sending gifts to your family or friends in these lovely festive...
Quick View Tohrment BDB Brotherhood Character Scented Candle

Tohrment Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Who's the boss? Officially, Tohrment is the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. But can you imagine what that's like? From the hot heads to the "you can't tell me what to do" attitudes, Tohr has got his hands full every night. Somehow he's able to...
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Quick View John Matthew BDB Brotherhood Character Scented Candle

John Matthew Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Who are you, John Matthew? BDB Fans know what's going on, but even JM himself is troubled by the dreams and intuitive knowledge he seems to have.  Thankfully when creating this fragrance, there wasn't much confusion - honor both entities in one...
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Quick View Literary Linen Spray Gift Set - Limited Availability!

Literary Linen Spray Gift Set - Limited Availability!

You've got to love our Literary Linen Spray! Just spritz a pillow or blanket and have your favorite fandom fragrance right there with you. No flame needed! This amazing gift set is perfect for the person who loves fragrances, but may not enjoy candles...
Quick View Marissa Shellan Scented Candle book candle BDB

Marissa Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
This delicate ocean scented candle gives you a glimpse into the mesmerizing scent of Marissa.  From the beginning Marissa's personal scent has Butch on his knees. Her fragrance owns him even as she struggles to trust herself to love him...
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Quick View Cormia Scented Candle

Cormia Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Cormia's scented candle is soothing and sweet floral fragrance.  The ever-patient Cormia, supports her male Phury with her calming presence. Her love envelops Phury and helps to keep him focused on his role as Primale. This jade green candle is a...
Quick View Bella Shellan Scented Candle book candle BDB

Bella Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
A scented candle that is both feminine and fierce. Just like our beloved Bella.  Fiercely independent, Bella, is the only female who could fall for the troubled Zsadist while determined to stand alone when she had to. With that independence in...
Quick View Scented Wax Samples - Pick Your Own Option

Scented Wax Samples - Pick Your Own Option

Unsure which scented candles you'd like to purchase from Book Scents? Would you like to get a chance to smell-before-you-buy? Well here's your chance! Build your own 4-pack! You can pick 4 scents you'd like to try - just visit the drop-down menus above...
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Quick View summer citronella candles, party at the pit, summer reading, relaxing on the ridge

Summer Citronella Scented Candles

Bring your Fandom Scented Candles and your favorite book OUTSIDE! We are excited to bring to you THREE Book Scents exclusive Fandom inspired fragrances for your Summer Reading! Relaxing on the Ridge is an herbaceous fragrance that will help you...
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Quick View I Drink & I Know Things, GOT inspired scented candle

I Drink & I Know Things Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
I Drink & I Know Things. The line that was our clue that a brilliant and influential character was going to lead us down an interesting path. And the path was lined with empty tankards, wine glasses and liquor bottles.   That's why this...
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Quick View King of the North Scented Candle

King of the North Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
He may "know nothing", but the King of the North was a fan favorite from the beginning. Now you can celebrate your love of his courage, loyalty and character with a scented candle.   You'll enjoy this outdoorsy blend of citrus, meadowgrass and...
Quick View Phury Black Dagger Brotherhood Scented Candle

Phury Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Phury is unique among his Brothers. His scented candle honors his past and his future! You'll find that Phury's fragrance is different from his Brother's. You'll find yourself won over to the Primale's side with this steadfast blend of ivy, amber,...
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Quick View Murtagh Scented Candle

Murtagh Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Murtagh's scented candle is a reminder to the adventurous life he's had, especially as the godfather to Jamie Fraser!   This manly scented candle is a cozy blend of charred sandalwood, black pepper and whiskey.  You'll love burning...
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Quick View Jocasta Scented Candle

Jocasta Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Jamie Fraser's auntie is a force to be reckoned with, but Jocasta's scented candle reminds us there's a caring heart behind all that bluster.   This beautifully fragranced candle calls forth the lovely scents of a North Carolina garden - lush...
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Quick View Murhder is an amazing Brotherhood scented candle

Murhder Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Enjoy the newest original Brother in this gorgeously scented candle! Murhder is here!   Murhder's scent is inspired by a scene in the book in which he is standing outside watching a building burn. The description of his anguish, of his sadness and...
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Quick View Spend an evening with the Weasley family and the rest of Harry Potter's friends!

Evening at the Burrow

$10.00 - $29.00
Our Evening at the Burrow scent is a cozy fragrance - like a warm handmade jumper or a patchwork quilt. You'll want it close at hand always! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend an evening at The Burrow? Now you can pretend this candle...
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Quick View Butter Brew! Just for Wizards like you!

Butter Brew Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
A Wizard's drink of choice, brewed into this deliciously scented candle!   You'll feel like you've pulled up a chair in your favorite wizarding pub when you light this creamy butterscotch scented candle. The sweet scent of this candle will fill...
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Quick View Blaylock Brotherhood BDB

Blaylock Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
A quiet male who's calming manner is a strength to those who love him, scented candle brings the love and sophistication you have come to expect from Blaylock. A friend, a mate, a father and loyal part of the Brotherhood family. Blay is pretty perfect!...
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Quick View Qhuinn Scented Candle

Qhuinn Scented Candle

$10.00 - $29.00
Qhuinn's scented candle gives you insight into exactly what Blay smells when they are together. This fragrance will make you weak in the knees! The blend of patchouli, gunpowder and musk are a killer combo that will make you fall in love with that bad...
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