Butch Scented Candle

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Scent Description A complex blend of sweet sandalwood, musk, pepper and smoke
Color Red

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Butch O'Neill is a man lost until he finds The Brotherhood. Then he finds out he's more than a mere man...

When Butch finds himself around the Brothers - and Marissa - he starts to feel different. And he smells different too. Butch can't figure out what this scent is, but we (and V) know!

This cologne like scent is our interpretation of what Butch smells like - blend of sweet sandalwood, musk, pepper and smoke. 


Butch is a Book Scents Exclusive fragrance & 2020 Best Seller.

Scent Description:
A complex blend of sweet sandalwood, musk, pepper and smoke

Product Reviews

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Butch Scented Candle
Written by Brenda Suiter on Mar 16th 2023

Love this candle and love Butch! Just what I think Our Cop would smell like.Love your candles and melts!

Written by Pam Hendricks on Apr 4th 2022

Butch's smell is just what I thought he would smell like! Clean soap, a little musky and Yummm!

Love it
Written by Dina on Jun 6th 2020

Butch is my dude and this scent is amazing.

Sexy Southie
Written by Ryan on Apr 8th 2019

This candle scent is Butch personified. It reminds me of an expensive men’s cologne like Butch most likely wears. If I had to describe what I thought Southie’s scent was from reading the books this would be it a thousand-fold.