Top 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Better with Book Scents!

17 years alone. Buried alive...

In case you haven't heard (and if you are on the East Coast you can't help but hear it every day, all day), the 17-year cicadas have emerged after being buried underground for 17 years. This is their chance to mate and send their babies into the ground for a long, long time.

I honestly have never heard of this...being a west coast girl most of my life. But now I'm living with the sound of screaming ..."singing" cicadas. It's so bad that yesterday I looked up how long I had to listen to it. LOL

Just two more weeks.

But it's a lonely existence, being a 17-year cicada, so I feel bad being irritated. Didn't we just go through a really rough and lonely patch? I mean it wasn't years, but it felt like!

So as some of us celebrate our emergence from solitude and back into a more normal life, why not think about how to make this first season one that is so much better than the last!

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Better with Book Scents!

1. Get some summery scents! We have 5 go-to summer fragrances that will brighten things up around your house this summer!

- Artemis at Sea is a beautiful ocean-scented fragrance!
- Gallowglass brightens up any room with the amazing blend of seagrass, sand dunes, and mint.
- Marissa will bring the salty sea air and a light floral fragrance to your home. (This is one of my favorites for this time of year!)
- Michaela is perfect if you love citrus scents! This blend of citrus and peach is perfect for the summer months.
- Pamela fills your home with the smells of strawberries and cream. Talk about a summer scent! It is great for those who love a foodie-type candle.

2. Forget the Flame! When it's warm outside, you might not want to even have a candle burning inside. It's just not the same as Fall and Winter! That's why we love offering wax tart options in all of our fragrances! You can get any of the candle scents from the list above in our 6-ounce wax tart for just $10. Then maybe take a look at our NEW Wax Melters and find one that you can't live without to go with your tart!

3. Take your candles outside! Our Summer Citronella candles are the perfect way to enjoy time outside. Imagine a few hours outside reading on the porch, bug-free, AND not having to recover from the strong citronella smell of a regular citronella candle! These blends bring some of your favorite fandoms outside and make the experience pleasurable with scents of orange, lemongrass, mint, sage, or blackberry.

So why not make this summer a little extra! We have so much to celebrate after a long lonely winter!