The Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Mom!

This Mother’s Day, Book Scents wants to take a moment to appreciate all the supermoms out there that make the world go round! Without you, I don’t know what we’d all do! Mothers have many unique talents— from hand-sewing our Halloween costumes, packing us special lunches, and giving the best advice— and there are certainly different types of moms out there. We’ve put together a guide for you with extra special gifts to celebrate each of every one of those different moms. After all, Mom deserves it for all her hard work and unconditional love!

What do we believe are the perfect gifts for our supermoms? Fandom fragrances are ideal, of course, for any type of mom! Which mom are you?

Wine + Quiet Time Moms:

For our moms who like their quiet evenings at home, we highly recommend our Girls Night In Limited Edition Book and Candle Themed Gift Boxes. Made in collaboration with Tall Poppy Writers, these gift boxes each have a different author-signed book and fragrance, along with a note from said best-selling author (many of these authors have been featured in the New York Times Best Seller List and have won awards!).

Let’s Talk Options:

It’s important to note that all gift boxes come with:

  • A signed copy of the book, which I will say are fantastic!!
  • 10 oz hand-poured candle created specifically for the book!
  • A note from the author with a fun recipe
  • 1.5 oz sample of the Bloom candle, a fundraising candle made to support Room to Read (keep reading to find out about this fundraiser!!)
  • A few surprise items from the author

Where the gift boxes differ are in terms of the signature scents and extra items added by the authors, which I outline below:

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert: a charming love story with a touch of magic and the taste of cider.

  • 10 oz hand-poured candle, Sanna’s Cider that smells like: a scrumptious blend of apple cider, ginger, goji berries, and cassia root.
  • One of the surprise items from the author is a magnet!

The Secrets of Worry Dolls by Amy Impellizzeri: an award-winning tale of heartbreak and triumph, following the journey of a 9/11 widow and her estranged daughter.

  • 10 oz, The Secrets of Worry Dolls, that smells like a beautiful blend of white orchids, cashmere woods, vanilla, and citron.
  • Your own Worry Doll is included in your purchase!

The Distance Home by Orly Konig: a powerful and sparkling women’s fiction novel of second chances, friendship, and healing.

  • 10 oz, Jumping Frog Farm that smells like the comforting scents of fall leaves and cedar barn doors.
  • One of the added items is a horseshoe key chain!

Where She Went by Kelly Simmons: a gripping story of a mother’s letting go— and the secrets that surface when the daughter keeping them is gone.

  • 10 oz, Sugar Baby that smells like dark caramel and bitter orange, burning with a secret!
  • One of the mystery items is a box of matches with the book cover’s design!

Girls Night In with Bloom!: TWO signed books from Tall Poppy Writers (books vary)

  • 10 oz, Bloom which was exclusively created for the Tall Poppy Writers and smells like sunlit poppies, peach blossom, warm sugar, and the crackle of a new book.
  • By purchasing this gift box, you give the gift of education and reading! A portion of the profits from your purchase is donated to the Tall Poppy Writers’ Room to Read Campaign. This campaign targets girls’ education programs…and, fun fact, just $300 can keep a girl in school for an entire year!

Any of these five gift boxes make the perfect Mother’s Day gift…and…Book Scents will be adding three new fragrances to this collection just in time for Mother’s Day this year! You'll find these three new book & candle sets are the perfect for any mom! Here's a sneak peek of the candles that will be included in these new limited edition boxes:

Crafty Moms:

If your mom loves to make things, create, or work on little projects, this gift gives her the freedom to do so! This gift is the perfect opportunity to get crafty and make your own Book Scents candle. Get your fandom lovin’ mom to make her own fandom scent!

This DIY Candle Kit comes with:

  • 9 oz of wax
  • A wick + wick sticker
  • Wick centering stick
  • Stir stick
  • 1 oz of fragrance + dye
  • Detailed instruction guide

All you have to do is supply the candle container. Using your own container gives you freedom of creative expression with the containers shape and design! Pro Tip: you can choose to reuse one of your empty Book Scents’ candle containers if you’ve ordered from us before!

Also, another awesome option to keep in mind when considering buying this gift is that bulk pricing is available…so you can get gifts for your mom, grandmother, and mom’s friends! How it works: buy more than 3 kits in one order and save 25% on each kit! Heck, maybe you can host a candle-making party at home (which is also an adorable idea for Mother’s Day!).

Moms Who Like a Stiff Drink:

We get it…you like a stiff drink to help cope with a crazy day…and you can handle a little kick. 

Whiskey Prince and I Drink and I Know Things, for starters, are two book-inspired candles that will surely do the trick! Better yet, lighting them with a drink in hand is optimal for winding down after a long day! We see you, Moms— we know you work hard.

  • I Drink and I Know Things: A brilliant blend of whiskey, cognac, bourbon, and wine.
  • Whiskey Prince: a warm blend of whiskey and sweet cedar wood.
  • Roger: a robust blend of tobacco, whiskey, cedar wood, and musk.
  • Murtagh: a cozy blend of charred sandalwood, black pepper, and whiskey. 

One— or two!— of our whiskey-scented candles along with a good book and drink sounds like the perfect recipe for fun! How could you pass up this gift opportunity?? I promise you’ll be well-liked by whoever you give these to!

Badass Moms:

What makes a mom badass is that she owns who she is, is undeniably her awesome self, and commands the attention of everyone when she walks in a room— her presence is that powerful! 

When I think of badass women, I think of Khaleesi— otherwise known as Daenerys—and Yevgena, the mysterious Russian whose tale is of surviving a world war, love, and tragedy! There are several other badass females from fandom to idolize, as well. Brianna went through the stones to save her parents and was prepared to courageously raise a baby on her own if necessary!

With Through the Stones, I’m reminded of Claire’s epic journey for love and adventure— as well as her amazing bravery and feats alongside JAMMF. All Tied Up reminds us of Anastasia Steele’s journey of self-discovery and self-exploration, which is empowering for women all around! Finally, Lou turns her struggling French restaurant into a success after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman and Pamela embarks on an adventure to find her long lost love, encounters danger, and more adventure!

  • Mother of Dragons: a royal blend of peach, citrus, gardenia, lilies, and sweet sandalwood.
  • Yevgena: a warm blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and gardenia.
  • All Tied Up: a seductive blend of rose, geranium, bergamot, and golden amber.
  • Brianna: a fresh blend of green aloe, jasmine, and soft woods.
  • Lou: a decadently sweet blend of coconut, whipped cream, and maple bacon.
  • Pamela: the sweet scents of strawberries and cream.
  • Through the Stones: a beautiful fragrance that embraces the heather of the Highlands.

Moms Who like Flowers:

If you are a classic kind of gal on Mother’s Day and are a sucker for flowers, do we have the candles for you! We have an assortment of different flowery and garden scents for you to make your own arrangement…perhaps even in a gift basket! Think…a bouquet of candles!

  • Claire: the dainty scent of fresh herbs and flowers— heather, jasmine, and citrus.
  • Jocasta: a lush blend of rose, honeysuckle, jasmine, and citrus.
  • Beth: a delicate balance of soft roses, peaches, apricot, and ginger.
  • Pemberly Garden: full-bodied floral blend of wild tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia.
  • Secret Garden: soft floral tones wrapped in a fresh spring rain.

Any of these flowery scents are bound to put a smile on Mom’s face this Mother’s Day! Flowers can provide a sense of happiness for many. Just think how Mom will smile when she walks into a room of flower-scented candles!

Moms who Love Things to be “Just Right”:

If you’re the type of mom who likes…no, needs things to be just right, we understand and we got you. Details are our specialty and with our candle care tool kit, your wish is our command. Just say the word and we’ll tell you the secrets of candle care from our expert chandlers over here at Book Scents.

For starters, we know that there is an art to trimming the wick and getting it…”jusssstt right,” which is 1/4 of an inch! Our awesome bell snuffers— which you’re going to love…snuff said— and wick dipper also have multiple benefits for both seasoned and novice candle lovers!

Our Candle Care Tool Kit comes with:

  • Wick trimmer: with this handy tool, we are able to clip wicks to an optimal 1/4”. This ensures a clean, even flame for a longer lasting candle and maximum fragrance! Ready, set, trim!
  • Candle bell snuffer: with our bell snuffer, you don’t need to worry about flying sparks! You can safely extinguish your burning candles and avoid wicks reigniting. Using the snuffer is easy— you simply place the bell over the flame and wait until the flame is extinguished. You will notice a small wisp of smoke emerge from the bell when the candle has been put out. You must be careful not to dip the bell into the wax!
  • Wick dipper: these are wonderful for two reasons: 1. The candle’s flame is extinguished immediately, eliminating smoke and soot and 2. It re-coats your wick in the wax, which adds hours to your candle. It’s easy to use in one step: all you have to do is use the dipper to dip the wick into the wax, lift, and center it. Don’t forget to stand your wick back upright!

We hope you've enjoyed our Mother's Day gift guide full of our fandom scented candles! So what do you think - can you find something for the special Mom in your life?