Refill Your Candle Containers: Shipping Tips

Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining me as we revisit the Book Scents Refill Program. Today we’re going to be talking about how to send me your items so that they arrive safely and packaged correctly. If you watch our video, you will see I have two boxes here, which are recent shipments to me for the Refill Program. I want you to give both of these boxes a listen as I shake them and tell me which one box contains properly packaged items.

Box 1’s Time Stamp: 1:22

Box 2’s Time Stamp: 2:18

Which box do you think arrived packaged correctly and safely?

Remember…sometimes this isn’t your fault…sometimes it’s the mail packages being thrown around…sometimes deliveries get beat up or smashed…but I want to give you some tips today on how you can reduce this as much as you can. In our video, I provide clear examples of how to expertly package your items in order to make the most out of our Refill Program as well as be kind to our environment!


  • 1. Use a good solid box for shipping (reuse and save the box I ship to you!).
  • 2. Use plenty of packing materials to protect the glass containers and fill in the space around the items.
  • 3. Reuse the candle boxes that I send candles in.
  • 4. Protect containers with more packaging. Bubble wrap containers inside these boxes. Everything can be reused and recycled!
  • 5. Use packaging between candles to keep them from jostling around!

PRO TIP: Save everything your order is shipped in! This includes bubble wrap, boxes, and the bigger box that I ship everything in itself! 

I hope this video  helped you understand the best way to package your refill shipments to ensure they arrive safely to us here at Book Scents. Now get on over and get your refill order started!