EXPLORERS: Adventure awaits with outdoorsy scented candles!

Calling all Adventurers, Wanderers, Nomads, and Gypsy Souls! Our spotlight this month is on candles for candle lovers who can't get enough of scents from the great outdoors! Whether you’re a beach babe, camping fanatic, or simply love being in the wild…we have a few candle recommendations for you.

The best part about these candles is that they will transport you to the gorgeous outdoors where we often marvel at the wonder of nature. Not only that, but all of these candles are available in 8oz tins, which are perfect for traveling, compact packing, camping, and to take on-the-go.

Breezy, Ocean Scents:


Blaylock is a breezy, ocean scent...mighty fine for summertime! Book-inspired (from Black Dagger Brotherhood, of course!) this fragrance is a calming blend of cool air, fresh citrus, and dark musk. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have the subtle and sexy Blay with you while hangin' out by the pool!

Artemis at Sea

Artemis at Sea is a calming outdoorsy scent that will transport you to your favorite seaside cove! Enjoy this fresh, cool scent that embodies the air and sea. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to to your own secret island! One plus of buying this candle is that its light blue color is beautiful to look at!


Marissa is one of our newest fragrances in the Brotherhood line - representing one of the first Shellan's in the BDB series. From the beginning Marissa's personal scent has Butch on his knees. Her fragrance owns him even as she struggles to trust herself to love him.

If you love soft ocean scents, this scented candle is the one for you. After a little while you'll be able to close your eyes and suddenly you'll be surrounded by sea salt, a cool ocean breeze and the lush scent of rice flowers. Be prepared to want to burn this one all day! 

The Great Outdoors/ Camping Scents:

The Gathering

The Gathering is the perfect outdoorsy scent to start with if you want to be transported to the great outdoors! Its warm blend of woods, leather, rich amber, and smoky musk in red-orange makes a great camping companion.

Of course, we always recommend that you take a tin with you when camping, as opposed to a glass container for safety and ease of transport. Our 8 oz tins come with lids, making them easy to pack and carry for the most experienced adventurers.


Who doesn't need a little extra JAMMF in their life…especially when enjoying the great outdoors?

This smoky, musky fragrance will fill a room just like our beloved kilted stud from the Outlander book series…and you can take this handsome Highlander with you camping! With 45+ hours of burn time, Jamie in 8 oz tin form will have you daydreaming about what’s under that kilt!

Enjoy our exclusive #1 Bestseller since 2013 as you plan and embark on your next road trip or journey outdoors! Now’s the time to get your Jamie-fragranced tin, ya ken?


Time to celebrate our favorite Vampire with an “H,” Murhder!

With up to 70 hours of burn time in a 10 ounce container, Murhder is a scent to die for! This fragrance is inspired by a scene in The Savior (BDB fans know which scene I’m talking about!) when Murhder is standing outside watching a building burn.

The book’s description of his anguish, sadness, and surroundings insired a scent that was mellow, outdoorsy, but also smoky and spicy.

Scents of the Wild:

Echoes from Scotland

Echoes from Scotland is one scent of the wild that you surely must try (especially if you're a huge Outlander fan)!

You will surely find this outdoorsy scent to be a breath of fresh air as it doubles as a calming fragrance. Not only that, but its enduring blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, sage, and leather will transport you to the Scottish Highlands. Don't worry, JAMMF, we're on the way!

King of the North

Let's play a fun little guessing game...

Can you guess what color King of the North is (if you don't already know!)?? Click here to find out if you were correct!

The King of the North may "know nothing," but he was a Game of Thronesn fan favorite from the beginning. Celebrate your love of his courage, loyalty, and character with his exclusive Book Scents scented candle.

You'll enjoy this outdoorsy blend of citrus, meadowgrass, and cedarwood as it transports you to the many adventures our King of the North took and survived.

*Which one of these outdoorsy scents is your favorite? Have you purchased any of these before and liked them? Comment below!