Our Favorite October Candle Scents

Fall is one of the most popular candle season there is. Everyone is getting ready for cooler nights, shorter days and the holidays are just around the corner. 

We thought we'd tell you some our favorite candles for October from the Book Scents collection.

*you'll notice there aren't any pumpkin scents! That's because our customers L-O-V-E outdoorsy and woodsy scents. So we listened to their preferences for our Fall Collection.*

Autum on the Ridge

It's Fall Y'all! 

Let's talk about our fan favorite, Autumn on the Ridge. This scent is inspired by the Outlander book series. It's also the most authentic "fall leaves" fragrance we've ever smelled. It's warm and clean and natural. No spices or vanilla or anything to take away the gorgeous outdoorsy scent.

Great Adventure

Weekend Adventures!

For many Autumn is a great chance to get outdoors now that the temperatures are bearable. But if the weather turns and your plans get cancelled you can still enjoy the smells of the woods and a warm campfire. Just light up our fragrance, Great Adventure. You'll enjoy Fall adventures even when you can't leave home. 

Forks Forest - Twilight

Apples and Vampires!

Look, we can't forget that Halloween is this month! So why not celebrate with a bookish-Vampire inspired candle. And it's got an apple scent too! Forks Forest, is inspired by the Twilight book series. It's a gorgeously cool blend of balsam and apple. It doesn't matter if your Team Jacob or Team Edward this candle is for every Twilight fan!

Everything Harry Potter!

Well if your a fan of Harry Potter, you know that this month our love of everything Potter jumps up a level! And why not show your Potter-Pride with our wizard inspired scents. We have the cozy Evening at the Burrow and sweet Butter Brew that will make your home smell amazing this October (and all year round!).

We hope you love our round up on our favorite October fragrances!