My Top Five Fall Fragrances

Customers ask me all the time, what are your favorite candles out of the ones you’ve created? To be honest, I’ve always had the most difficult time answering that question! I love so many of my candles because a) I treat candle-making like an art and b) I craft each one uniquely based on scents of characters, settings, magical potions, and more!

So instead of deciding on...and limiting all-time favorite candles, I’ve decided to pick five of my favorite candles from this season and share them with you. 

Yes, Fall is still happening!

For lazy Sunday afternoonsEvening at the Burrow for cozy fragrances. Like a warm, handmade jumper or a patchwork quilt, you’ll want it close by, always! This candle is your portkey to an evening at The Burrow, where you’ll enjoy the scent of freshly baked bread, sweet harvest ale, and a warm fire. I love to use this candle during my lazy Sunday afternoons, when I have me-time to relax, all bundled up in blankets, and watch some Harry Potter movies!

For rainy days: Apple of My Eye Love Potion for the scent of tart apples and sweet caramel popcorn. These classic scents are like snacks in a candle and will surely drive you to distraction-- and perhaps also distracted snacking! I particularly enjoy this candle on rainy days when I can snack on my favorite treats and watch Netflix or read to my heart’s content. 

Fall fever: Autumn on the Ridge for the crispy scent of Autumn leaves. A classic scent for those who love to dive into piles of crunchy leaves. My son and I especially love this candle because it reminds us of his childhood spent outdoors in the fall. He always loved when my husband would pile up leaves out in the lawn so he could jump in the pile!

Evenings by the fire: Roger for the scents of robust tobacco, whisky, cedar wood, and musk. A must-have for curling up by the fire with a good book. This candle is my companion for evenings spent reading in my cozy living room, hugged by a warm fire.

Fall mornings: Pumpkin Pasties for the fresh smell of pumpkin spice... a delight for wizards and muggles alike! These Pumpkin Pasties not only are perfect for a cozy fall morning, but also make my day a little more magical...and that’s never a bad thing! 

There you have it! Those are my top five fall fragrances. I use these five throughout the season for that extra homey feeling. I hope that they bring you as much comfort and joy during this season as they do me.