​How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day (Plus 3 Reason’s Why You Should)

With February just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the big love fest holiday that’s already filling your favorite shops! But there’s one holiday that arrives just before it that’s just as important to celebrate.

Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day is not a holiday they had when I was a kid. I wasn’t making special cards or planning fun celebrations. This holiday is a new one that originated from a TV show called, Parks and Recreation. I personally have never seen this show, but one of the main characters says she celebrates her closest girlfriends on February 13th.

And that, my friend, is something I can get behind!

So before we get to How to celebrate this special day, let’s cover the three reasons Why you should celebrate Galentine’s Day.

The Three Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day

1.You and your Girlfriends deserve it! Did you or did you not just pull off the busiest holiday season ever? After months of planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, putting on your best face for coworkers, family members, and the like when you really just wanted to wrap up in a blanket with wine and a good book, this holiday is perfectly timed a way to show yourself some appreciation. You did it, girlfriend! Let’s celebrate that.

2.It’s a good reason to catch up! Life can get a little crazy and maybe you don’t get to catch up with yourgirlfriends in a truly authentic way. Waves as you pass by on the road to soccer practice or the bus stop don’t cut it. Planning a classroom party or preparing for the next PTO meeting doesn’t count. You need – yes, I said “need” – to grab some time without kids, without husbands or significant others, and talk. Talk about how your feeling, talk about work, talk about the newest recipe you cooked, talk about the last book you read, talk about the news or your kids or whatever….just connect and share. There’s nothing more cathartic than connecting over life’s activities. It’s comforting, inspiring and creates opportunities to support each other.

3.It’s a great way to show your appreciation! A friend of mine likes to do this thing called “special plate” for birthdays. It really has nothing to do with the plate, but with the person who’s birthday it is and the people who are there. Each person goes around the table and says something nice about the birthday person. It’s fun and awkward – and just perfect for Galentine’s Day! But since everyone deserves the appreciation, find ways to cheer each other on, share why you love and appreciate each other and boost the spirits of your girlfriends. There’s enough out there in the world telling them they are not thin enough or that they could be a better mom/spouse/employee, or that their house could be cleaner. Today give them all the compliments you can! Tell them they are great and beautiful and amazing. Because they are!

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Now that we’ve covered why it’s so important to celebrate Galentine’s Day, are you ready to figure out how to celebrate? I bet you’ve already got some great ideas, so here are just a few more to add to your list!

  • Brunch – go out or if finances are tight, stay in and have everyone potluck brunch items. Grab your Tito’s for Bloody Mary’s or prosecco for mimosas and celebrate!
  • Spa Day – if you have the time to get away, why not get a mani/pedi or a massage or both!
  • Send a card – maybe you’re not close by your best girlfriends. Then pick out a card and tell them all the amazing things about them.
  • Buy a gift – grab some amazing candles, a favorite candy or treat, or a plant to give them.
  • Text or Call – Sometimes the best thing you can do is just reach out. Maybe life is too hectic, so set aside some time to connect with your favorite girlfriends on the phone, via text or even facetime.

I hope this post helps you prepare for a great Galentine’s Day – no matter how you celebrate!

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