Hogwarts Halloween “House” Party: Slytherin

Hogwarts Halloween “House” Party: Slytherin

Posted by Nalana Lillie, Contributor: Sarah Temraz on Oct 12th 2020

If you’re a Slytherin, you’re known for your resourceful and cunning nature as well as being part of one of the most ambitious groups of wizards at Hogwarts.

Not sure what house you are check out our last post on how to get Sorted!

Your strategic reputation precedes you in planning and hosting a great party! This Halloween, if you’re looking for something fun to do, throw a Harry Potter Hogwarts House-themed party (safely online!) and invite all of your Slytherin buddies!

Party Games:

Your competitive nature causes you to lean towards games where you have to make calculated moves, as opposed to physical, adventure-type games (that our Gryffindor friends love).

You might fancy social deduction games and games with a defector or traitor mechanic to them. If there’s a game with deceptive logic to play, Slytherins are usually all over it!

Some muggle board games you might enjoy are:

-Monopoly— a classic board game where you have to fast-trade property and own the whole board (with a thick stack of cash, too, of course!). Slytherins’ scheming natures excel at these types of games!

-Coup— this game is all about keeping secrets, deceiving other players around you, and Slytherins have the advantage in the art of deception to win! This bluffing card game puts your Slytherin savvy to the test!

-Diplomacy— a game of skill and negotiation as well as backstabbing your allies, trying to conquer over 18 supply centers on the map is the name of this game. Commanding your army, reinforcing them, and making/ breaking alliances as you desire…this elegant game will appeal to Slytherins’ skills as they know best that all is fair in love and war.

Decorate with Clever Ambition and have your party smelling sublime!

Clever Ambition: There's always a new angle for our Clever and Ambitious Slytherin House! Get this scented candle that will help you share your favorite house! This clever house is perfectly represented by the crisp scent of green apples blended with the sweet and tangy fragrance of pineapple. This candle will have you puckered up!

See our Gryffindor House Halloween Party for more decoration ideas…think Slytherin flags, tablecloths, possibly green streamers, and more!!

You can decorate with food too! Think green frosted cupcakes, popcorn mixed with green chocolate candies, or green apples with caramel. 

So what fun can you dream up this Halloween, Slytherin?