Hogwarts Halloween “House” Party: Ravenclaw

Hogwarts Halloween “House” Party: Ravenclaw

Posted by Nalana Lillie, Contributor: Sarah Temraz on Oct 22nd 2020

Ahh…Ravenclaw. The brainiacs of the wizarding bunch! They speak their clever minds and they welcome the most eccentric people— from Moaning Myrtle to Cho Chang. What you want most in a party, Ravenclaw, is one that’s stimulating for your mind.

That means muggle word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Sudoku, puzzles, brain teasers, and chess. This may seem not as desirable for a party activity according to other Hogwarts House members, but you love to use your brain and think outside of the box! There are countless brainy games out there for you to play— comment below which are your favorites!

Ravenclaws also love creative arts and crafts activities. Luna Lovegood, a wacky and smart Ravenclaw, loved crafting and fashion and truly shows “Wit beyond measure.”

P.S. Luna Lovegood would be an awesome Halloween costume for your Hogwarts House Halloween party this year!

Speaking of costumes…

Take a peek at this spooky Harry Potter costume! Isn’t this an awesome spin on our favorite boy wizard? All you need are round glasses, a wand, sweater vest, Gryffindor House robe, and a few other items!

How to recreate the costume: https://www.announcingit.com/invitations-blog/fabulous-harry-potter-halloween-costume-you-just-have-to-see/

Don’t want to be Harry again this year? There are so many other characters to take inspiration from, such as Dolores Umbridge. This elegant look will convince everyone that you’re the real deal: afraid of half-humans and a lover of decorative kittens. There are a number of different tutorials online on how to recreate the look and this one is definitely for the more experienced costume-makers.

See this Buzzfeed blog post for more creative Harry Potter costume ideas like Fred and George Weasley, Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore, as well as Bellatrix Lestrange: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jarrylee/alternative-harry-potter-halloween-costume-ideas

Also, if you want some more of our costume recommendations…we wrote a Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas blog post last year. They’re classics!

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