Hogwarts Halloween “House” Party: Hufflepuff

There’s no party like a Hufflepuff party! Boy, do they know how to party! As the most inclusive among the four houses, valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play…you surely know the importance of accepting everyone at your special events. No one is barred entry when you’re around…and that’s part of what makes you so inspiring!

A friendly and fun environment is what Hufflepuffs are all about and cooperative games would be the best route to take for a Hufflepuff House Halloween party.

Arts and crafts— DIY-ers out there, get excited!— are a peaceful and cooperative activity that will appeal to your Hufflepuff nature and get the party started! We came up with a good idea for you: set up a bunch of different, little stations for your guests to unleash their creative sides.

Station 1: One word: painting. Blank, white canvases are cheap at your local dollar store and you can buy them in bulk. Watercolor paints are affordable and fun, too, but you can also use acrylic paints. Your guests can paint owls, their favorite characters, their favorite settings, and more.

Station 2: Hands-on projects. For those who love to play with clay and create, making mandrakes is a super cute activity! These mandrakes are made with Crayola Model Magic in the color Terra Cotta. You only need a few supplies to make these and we’ve got easy instructions for you here: https://popgoesthepage.princeton.edu/mandrake-made-easy/.

Station 3: Baking. There are a number of fun Harry Potter-inspired recipes you can explore. Two adorable ones I found are these chocolate frogs and Nimbus 2000 Brooms. Let us know if you find any other delicious ones that you end up trying!!

Chocolate frogs: https://www.artofwizardry.com/harry-potter-chocolate-frogs/

Nimbus 2000 recipe: https://rufflesandrainboots.com/nimbus-2000-broomsticks/

Station 4: Harry Potter Movie Marathon! If some of your guests don’t feel like crafting, you can set up a movie station and play the Harry Potter movies to revel in the magnificence of the wizards we hold close to our hearts.

And…don’t forget to decorate your house with black and all the shades of yellow you can find! See our Gryffindor Hogwarts House Party blog post for tips on how to Potter-fy your home.

Our Loyal Kindness candle also helps create the perfect atmosphere for crafting as the lemon cake scent is comforting. Check it out here: https://bookscentscandles.com/loyal-kindness-scented-candle/

Loyal Kindness: Loyalty and Kindness are two of the best Hufflepuff House traits! Get a scented candle that will help you share your favorite house! This lovely candle is so comforting! The lemon fragrance is sweet and tart, and is complemented well by the ginger and chamomile scents. Imagine sitting in the Hufflepuff common rooms...just outside the kitchens! This fragrance is perfect for our loyal wizards!