Hello Spring: 18 Scented Candles to put a Spring in Your Step!

Spring has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited…especially for the warmer weather! They say that spring brings joy, love, and is a hopeful season. It brings transformation and change— flowers bloom, we get more sunshine, and color surfaces all around us. With this lovely season, we are exposed to a variety of beautiful scents outdoors…roses and floral tones, honeysuckle, citrus, sweet berries…the list goes on.

It’s also time to clear out those fall and winter fragrances! A bit of spring cleaning for your candles!

And the great thing is that you don’t have to step away from your favorite fandom to enjoy some brighter more seasonal scents. You’ll find seasonal scents in all of your favorite fandom candles, too.

To help you out, I’ve picked a handful of our book-inspired candles that have fragrances which will brighten up your home this spring.

In Bloom…

1. All Tied Up: rose, geranium, bergamot, and golden amber.

2. Jocasta: lush roses, honeysuckle, citrus, and jasmine.

3. Claire: a delicate blend of fresh herbs and flowers (heather, jasmine, and citrus).

4. Black Jack: fresh linen and lavender.

5. Beth: soft roses, peaches, apricot, and ginger.

6. Secret Garden: soft floral tones wrapped in a fresh spring rain.

7. Pemberley Garden: full bodied floral blend of wild tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia.

8. Phury: blend of ivy, amber, citrus, jasmine, and warm sandalwood.

9. Brianna: fresh blend of green aloe, jasmine, and soft woods.


10. Blaylock: a calming blend of cool air, fresh citrus, and dark musk.

11. Michaela: bright citrus, warm peach, and sweet musk.

12. Casey: a blend of lemon and sandalwood.

13. Loyal Kindness: lemon cake, sweet ginger, and chamomile.

14. Orange You Cute Love Potion: the fragrance of oranges, chocolate cake, and cinnamon.

15. Mother of Dragons: a royal blend of peach, citrus, gardenia, lilies, and sweet sandalwood.

Sweet Berries...

16. Cloud Nine Love Potion: strawberries, lavender, and lemon verbena.

17. Pamela: the sweet scents of strawberries and cream.

18. Wise Creativity: a smart blend of blackberries, raspberries, and sweet scones.

How would YOU describe the smell of spring? Which of these spring scents are your favorites? Which of these fandom candles do you prefer to burn at home?