Fandom Book Lovers Gift Guide

Give the gift of community this holiday season with fandom-inspired candles. Go on and wave your freak flag! Strut your stuff! From Harry Potter and Black Dagger Brotherhood-inspired candles, to Outlander and Game of Thrones-inspired candles, we have it all at Book Scents.

The best thing about being a part of fandom communities is that it allows us to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness within a supportive community of individuals who love the same series we love. These candles will surely level up not only your love for fandom and community, but also your gift-giving game this holiday season.

Check out this gift guide and get these amazing scented candles perfect for fangirls and fanboys like you!

The Boy Who Lived Long Enough to See These Candles:

Which house are you in? Or do you need to be sorted? For wizards of all talents, step right up and find where you belong! The Sorted Tin never makes mistakes!

Sorted Tin: Hmm…difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There’s talent…oh yes. And a thirst to prove yourself…but where to put you? Get Sorted into your house at Hogwarts in just one hour! REVELIO! Beneath the scent of jelly beans has been concealed a home…a house, soon to be revealed!

Or, if you already know what house you belong to, show your pride, love, and loyalty with these candles for wizards of all ages and talents.

Brave Adventures: You can't be a Gryffindor without a few Brave Adventures! A brave adventure can't begin without an excellent breakfast, so imagine warm cinnamon buns, crispy bacon and a cup of orange juice...all in a candle! This fragrance will knock your red and yellow socks off!

Wise Creativity: Oh, Ravenclaw, we love your Wise Creativity! Don't let their uniqueness fool you...those Ravenclaws love a good treat! And who wouldn't love a candle that smells like blackberries, raspberries and sweet scones all wrapped up in that lovely Raven-blue?

Loyal Kindness: Do you have two of the best Hufflepuff House traits? This fragrance will surely help you share your favorite house with your fellow members! Imagine sitting in the Hufflepuff common rooms…just outside the kitchens with this blend of lemon, ginger, and chamomile.

Clever Ambition: There's always a new angle for our Clever and Ambitious Slytherin House! This clever house is perfectly represented by the crisp scent of green apples blended with the sweet and tangy fragrance of pineapple. This candle will have you puckered up!

No dragons were harmed in the making of these fragrances:

DRACARYS! Just kidding…you don’t need a dragon to light these candles. But wouldn’t it just be awesome to have a few dragons at your disposal? I know the Mother of Dragons isn’t complaining…

Mother of Dragons: She had three dragons, half of the known world behind her...and now she has her own scented candle! This fragrance will remind you as to why Daenerys won your heart. First with its pale blue color— reminiscent of the beautiful blue outfit she wore when she helped free the slaves in Season 3— and then with this lovely fragrance blend of peach, citrus, gardenia, lilies, and sweet sandalwood.

As all GOT fans know, Jon was romantically involved with the feisty wildling, Ygritte, and nothing cracks me up as much as her famous line to Jon, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” He may “know nothing,” but he was a fan favorite from the beginning. Now, you can celebrate your love of his courage, loyalty, and character with this scented candle.

King of the North: You'll enjoy this outdoorsy blend of citrus, meadowgrass, and cedarwood as it transports you to the many adventures our King of the North took and survived. You can take his journeys with him, alongside him, as he fights to protect the wall. This fragrance has a masculine scent profile, but is not perfume or cologne scented.

Are you really a Lannister? How much do YOU know, Tyrion?

Daenerys’ dragons weren’t aggressive to Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister, which begs the question: Is Tyrion really a Lannister or a Targaryen? We all love Tyrion’s quick wit and confidence, but his lineage is quite questionable…and fun to speculate about!

I Drink and I Know Things: I absolutely love Tyrion’s famous line that ended up being our clue to this brilliant and influential character leading us down an interesting path. And this path was lined with empty tankards, wine glasses, and liquor bottles! This powerfully scented candle smells like whiskey, cognac, bourbon, and wine. If you love strong scented candles— this candle is for you! It's also a great gift for any person who loves a fun, boozy candle.

Scents for Sassenachs and Highlanders:

If you’re a lover of time travel and adventure, join us on a journey as we tumble through the stones and venture into the Highlands with these Outlander-inspired candles. Would you rather relish in the scenery after falling through the stones or travel onwards to Scotland? The choice is yours!

Ouch! Way to make an entrance. You’ve just now fallen through the stones. What do you think? Go on, enjoy yourself! Take in the scenery!

Through the Stones: A beautiful fragrance that embraces the heather of the Highlands in a reddish-purple color. This blend will surely place you alongside Claire in 18th century Scotland when she first time travels. What would YOU do if you were Claire? Adapt quickly or hide out until you could figure out how to travel back?

Echoes from Scotland:An enduring blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, sage, and leather in dark green. SPOILER: When dealing with books that involve time travel, you have to be careful what you share. The inspiration for this candle is just one of those situations! Just know that there are some letters left in the past and found in the future by some of our key characters...and those letters are echoes that keep them all connected even though time and space separate them. 

Are you brave and strong enough like our heroine Claire to take on this journey? Or do your talents lie in being boldly romantic like Jamie?

Claire: This unique scent is inspired by Claire’s love of herbs and medicine. It is a delicate scent of fresh herbs and flowers such as heather, jasmine, and citrus in white. As all fans know, at the beginning of the Outlander books, Claire keeps dried flowers and herbs pressed in a book. Her love for herbs takes her on a quest for a specific flower-- Forget Me Not’s-- resulting in her falling through time! Through the books, Claire is always looking for ways to use herbs and plants as part of her healing work...but you don’t have to look any further for a beautiful floral blend because we’ve got just the one for you right here! 

Jamie: Who doesn’t need a little extra Jamie in their life? If you’re an Outlander fan, you already know the answer...everyone needs more JAMMF in their life! But how do you do that when Jamie lives in the pages of a book or on your TV screen? You do that with our Jamie-scented candle! This smoky, musky fragrance will fill a room just like our beloved kilted stud and with about 70 hours of burn time, you’ll definitely find yourself daydreaming about what’s under that kilt! Don’t worry about making your husband, boyfriend, or main squeeze jealous, either because 7/10 husbands (including mine!) love the masculine scent just as much as the ladies who purchase it. Those other three husbands are still trying to figure out what Sassenach means...Hmmph! This candle will help you get through your toughest Droughtlander days!

I'll take my Vampire Warrior with an "h":

My husband teases me all the time about my love for the Black Dagger Brotherhood warriors. “Murrrrhhhder,” he jokingly says as I pour candles to be shipped out. “How are your vampires with an ‘h’ doing?” To those who are unfamiliar with the series or don’t delight in the wordplay on their names— pointing to their origin story, of course— like us fans, the added “h’s” might sound silly, but we love it! I’ll take my vampires with an ‘h,’ thank you very much!

Would you buy this candle for the name alone? I sure would!

Rehvenge: A mysterious blend of amber, musk, patchouli, cool ozone and sandalwood in purple. Who can resist a bad boy fragrance? Check out this fragrance named for the mysterious friend of the BDB. The color of this candle is a match to his amethyst eyes and will surely make you feel as special as Ehlena did when he said, “Don’t you get it, Ehlena? No matter what you me, you will always have diamonds on the soles of your shoes.” 

Qhuinn:An explosive blend of gunpowder, patchouli and musk. Worried about the patchouli scent? Not to worry! This base note fragrance along with the musk surrounds you with the warmth you’d feel if you were in Qhuinn’s arms. It's time to take your love for Qhuinn and all things BDB to the next level! Just say the word and Qhuinn will stay the night with you on your nightstand!

Rhage: Trust me, just like Rhage, this candle is more than just a name and good looks (isn’t that teal just to die for!?)'s a scent that perfectly suits this sexy beast! This scent captures the essence of wearing Rhage's favorite sweatshirt—clean, warm, and safe. This fragrance stirs up all of that and more with its intoxicating blend of bamboo, citrus, patchouli and musk. Comeeee onnnn… know you like Rhage the best! 

Romances that will take your breath away:

Romances come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t discriminate here at Book Scents…love is love! But what type of love do you prefer? Friendship love? Romantic, fantasy love? Or does your Facebook relationship status say, “It’s Complicated?”

If you like things a little naughty, check out this sexy scented candle inspired by all of those book boyfriends who don’t just wear their ties if you know what I’m saying!

All Tied Up:This scent is perfect for setting the mood for a romantic evening…with or without the neckties! The seductive blend of amber and sultry floral will add to the glow of the candle and your evening plans. It’s perfect for those who love Mr. Grey and other naughty book boyfriends like him.

Who better to represent love triangles than these three? Pamela, Casey (Pamela’s husband and father to her children), and Jamie (Pamela’s first love and a caring force in her life) definitely have…an interesting relationship.

It’s complicated. Let’s just leave it at that.

Pamela:The sweet scent of strawberries and cream in pink. The fragrance is sweet and innocent, but Pamela’s no fool. She’s smart, brave, and tenacious. You’ll love her candle as much as you love her character. P.S. This candle is a favorite to the author of the Exit Unicorns series, Cindy Brandner. She often burns this one while writing her amazing books! 

So who do you choose? Are you a Casey-girl or a Jamie-girl?

Casey: A sexy blend of sandalwood and lemon in hunter green. Sandalwood is one of my favorite ingredients to add to my fragrance blends and it sure works well with the lemon in this one! This candle has also been nicknamed “Sex in a Jar” by those fans of Exit Unicorns who love Casey-- who is a super sexy Irish rogue. 

Jamie: Classic sandalwood with subtle hints of lime in golden yellow. As classic and timeless as his lordship can be...yet a tad bit sneaky too!..this scent will have you pining for Jamie and perhaps even switching sides to Team Jamie. 

Keeping it Classy with the Classics:

If you’re a sucker for literary classics, from magic to romance, you’re going to love these two scents.

No matter who your Mr. Darcy is, anyone who loves a classic romance…and declaring their love with fancy words will enjoy this blend. You must allow me to tell you how I ardently admire and love this candle!

Pemberley: This full-bodied floral blend of wild tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia in magenta pink is based off Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy’s garden and home being the inspiration for this candle, imagine him classically professing his love for Elizabeth as they walk through the garden. You don’t have to declare your love with big words to enjoy this candle, epic love story, or give it as a gift to a loved one!

And here’s the essence of classical magical places...a garden!

Secret Garden: Let this scent transform you as it did Mary Lennox! For “however many years she lived, Mary always felt that ‘she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow.’” Soft floral tones wrapped in a fresh spring rain in sage green will transport you to her secret garden where memories of this classic book can be revisited. This blend will lend you a secret garden of your own where every morning new miracles are revealed as it blooms and blooms...